We see partnership as a two-way street.

We have three roles to play:

  1. Be an extension of you in ministry. We want to be your hands and feet in international ministry. In fact, Paul tells his partners at the church in Philippi that the work he is doing is “credited to [their] account.”
  2. Communicate well with you. We never want you to think, “What ever happened to that Batts family?!” Through our website, social media, newsletters, and personal correspondence, we want you to know what we’re doing.
  3. Pray for you. As we share what’s going on in our lives, we want to know about yours, too. We want to help pray you through those hard things that happen in life: illness, strained relationships, work situations, etc.

We also ask that you, as our partners, do three things:

  1. Pray for us. We post new requests every Tuesday here on our blog so that you know specific ways to pray for our family. But we welcome your prayers, however God leads them.
  2. Give financially. Regular, on-going support is what keeps our family on the mission field. A monthly gift of $75 is about one percent of our support. Click here to set up financial giving.
  3. Tell others. Tell someone else about the stories you read here. Share our prayer card with another family. Give out links to our website. If you are encouraged or challenged, someone else will probably be, too.

Interested in learning more? Fill out the information card below and we’ll be in touch.