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Tuesday Talk: Alcan Edition

As you read this, we are likely in our Jeep cruising down the Alcan (Alaska Hwy). So we are keeping today’s post short and sweet.

Melissa’s Birthday!

Today we celebrate Melissa’s birthday! (Guest Author: Allen Batts) Melissa is passionate for the Lord, loves her family and friends, and exudes the joy of Christ to those around her. Melissa is a strong and faithful woman. When she knows God is leading her…

Friday Favorites!

Guest author: Allen Its Friday! It has been quite the week, but here are our top seven favorite things from the past several days in no particular order. Ha. So here it goes!

Tuesday Talk

It was below zero when we got to church on Sunday. I had my knitting in the car (I’m working on a little sweater for Hudson) and after the service, I picked up my project to keep working on it…

Friday Favorites!

It’s Allen here, guest-posting. And guess what?! It’s Friday! AND Valentine’s Day! Here are our top 5 favorites from the week.

January 2020 Newsletter

Want to know what you were missing this Saturday morning.

Our Third Mission Trip Together

We’ve shared previously about our first mission trip together (when I broke my leg in Kodiak, Alaska) and our second mission trip together (when we road-tripped to Moose Creek, Alaska with a baby and our Bible study group). Our third mission trip took us…

Thank You, Veterans

“The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” — Jeff Miller Grow in Faith

Every so often, we post a resource that is helpful to us in preparing for the mission field, leading our family well, developing disciples, and growing individually.

Friday Faves: Unexpected Edition

Well, there were many unexpected things that happened this week… some good, some not-so-good, and some hilarious. We’ll cover it all here.