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Friday Faves

Between class, French, and doing homework, we tried to squeeze in some fun family time this week.

Tuesday Talk: Exams & Another Broken Bone

Guess what?! Allen broke his first bone over the weekend…

Five Faves

What a whirlwind of a week full of travels, sunsets, and French exams!

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Today we celebrate Melissa’s birthday! So I, Allen, am guest-posting in her honor. Here are five fun facts about about her and the blessing she is.

Tuesday Talk: Finals Week

Hard to believe, but it’s the final week of our winter term with Parole de Vie! We are studying like crazy for vocabulary, phonetics, oral, and written exams…

Friday Favorites: 19 March 2021

Sometimes when we teach kids’ classes, we make the kids retell the lesson in 10 words. It’s a great way to have them recap what stood out, and we always love how they synthesize everything we discussed.

Tuesday Talk: Sick Edition (not in a good way)

Hi, friends. After a much needed and refreshing marriage retreat weekend, our family was hit with an aggressive stomach bug.

Friday Favorites

Bon vendredi (Happy Friday)! As we look over the past week, we have really seen God working to encourage and sustain us through His Word, family, and friends.

Friday Favorites: Settling In

Between settling in Tennessee, beginning language school, and establishing a new routine, it’s been quite the week!

Tuesday Talk: Language School

After years, decades, centuries… well, years anyway. We officially begin our French language acquisition today!