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Tuesday Talk: Sick Edition (not in a good way)

Hi, friends. After a much needed and refreshing marriage retreat weekend, our family was hit with an aggressive stomach bug.

Friday Favorites

Bon vendredi (Happy Friday)! As we look over the past week, we have really seen God working to encourage and sustain us through His Word, family, and friends.

Friday Favorites: Settling In

Between settling in Tennessee, beginning language school, and establishing a new routine, it’s been quite the week!

Tuesday Talk: Language School

After years, decades, centuries… well, years anyway. We officially begin our French language acquisition today!

Tuesday Talk: Travel Edition

Since the first of the year, we have been on the road driving our Jeep and U-Haul trailer from Oregon to Tennessee with three kiddos in the back seat. Today, we are still on the road leaving Shawnee, Oklahoma and headed Tennessee-ward (if that… Continue Reading “Tuesday Talk: Travel Edition”

Goodbye 2020…

It’s December 31st, so today is our annual year-in-review post!

Friday Favorites

What a week! Birthday parties, visiting friends and family, hikes, sharing our ministry with Greenwood Baptist, and Christmas lights… so many favorites this week.

Friday Favorites

Between French class, studying, driving, and sleeping (most nights), days begin to run together. However, we did manage to squeeze some fun into the week too.

MK Stories

We’ve begun a new video series called “MK Stories” which gives a glimpse at the kids perspective of life, missions, and what’s going on, topped with their fun personalities and some of their favorite things from the month.

Friday Favorites

This week was mostly characterized by playing in the dirt (be it Hudson playing with his dump truck in the dust or Allen helping with projects out in the field), pre-school activities, and preparing for Sunday’s service (we’re sharing at Bonanza Community Church, Bonanza,… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites”