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Lesson #27

Bonjour! We are a few days into our Tennessee French program and nous sommes fatigués!

Lesson #26

When I was in high school, I went through the Master Life Bible studies with my pastor and some other youth. As part of our study, we memorized Romans 12:1-2.

Lesson #25

Happy October first! This is a big month for our family – we are relocating from Oregon to Tennessee next week and things are a little bit stressful right now!

“Wing it Wednesday”

Welcome to “Wing It Wednesday!”

Lesson #24

We’ve been marching through these lessons since late March. That’s six months – half a year! – of providing children’s discipleship lessons. And guess what!

Lesson #23

Boy, this lesson gets right to the heart of the issue…

Lesson #22

There are some things in life that have very distinct purposes. A blanket is for keeping warm (and building forts). Shoes are for protecting your feet (and being stylish). Spoons are for eating peanut butter right out of the jar (I mean…).

Lesson #21

We’re now about 5 months into developing these lesson plans… and just over halfway through the book of Romans! While publishing them might take us through the rest of this fall, hopefully it is a resource you can tuck away for later.

August 2020 Newsletter

After some technical issues last night, our August 2020 newsletter is now available!

Lesson #20

I know this has been the weirdest year every for… everyone… but we have so much to look forward for in the rest of 2020, believe it or not!