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September 2021 Newsletter

Hi friends! Our September 2021 Newsletter is now live!

MK Stories & Friday Faves

Earlier this week, Allen and the kids made a new Missionary Kids (MK) story, giving a tour of the campus. It’s adorable.

August 2021 Newsletter


Tuesday Talk: 17 August 2021

Our hearts are so saddened by what is going on in Afghanistan right now. I keep thinking of the mamas who are trying hard to protect their kids and have no options right now to do so.

July 2021 Newsletter

Hey friends! If you missed it in your inbox (or junk folder), our July 2021 newsletter is now available!

Happy Friday!

We reached the end of the first week of our second semester of language school, Allen is home after a whirlwind trip to Alaska, and we are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with friends.

February 2021 Newsletter

After another recurrence of that pesky stomach bug on Sunday and Monday, I think we are (finally, again, almost) back to full health! We aren’t sure why it’s lasted so long, but we will be very glad when it we’re really, truly over it!

January 2021 Newsletter

We sent out our January 2021 newsletter yesterday!

A New Year Challenge

In lieu of a Friday Favorites post, we want to do two things:

Summer 2020 Ministries: MK Stories

We’ve been sharing some about our summer 2020 ministry focus. For me, ministry was mostly focused on our own kids… but Allen’s ministry expanded to start a new video series on our YouTube channel.