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Traveling with Littles – Part II

Last week, we shared a ton of tips for flying with littles (click HERE if you missed it!). As we were putting the finishing touches on the post, we kept thinking of more things that we do/pack/plan! So here are some more that we…

Traveling With Littles

Earlier this week, a friend reached out and asked for some tips for traveling with little kids (shout out to Laura and baby Piper!). So today, we are sharing some of our tried and true travel tips. While we are by no means experts…

August 2019 Newsletter

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Wycliffe: How to Pray

Allen and I love to listen to a good podcast or read a good article. We’ll ask each other, “Have you listened to XYZ yet?” or “Have you read this article?” So when we find a good resource, we like to pass it along….

July 2019 Newsletter

The end of the month can only mean one thing: Batts Abroad Newsletter time!!

IMB Blog

Every now and then, we like to highlight a resource that’s designed to encourage, educate, and support the body of Christ as we seek to serve God and make Him known.

June 2019 Newsletter

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