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The Complete Romans Study

After like a million weeks, we wrapped up the Romans study last week!

Lesson #31

Here it is – the Thursday we’ve been waiting for! Today we’re sharing the last Roman’s study!

Lesson #30

It’s November! And I’m happy to announce that this month, we will wrap up our Romans study. Phew.

October 2020 Newsletter

Our most recent newsletter was published last night!

Lesson #29

Unity and hope. After a year like this, those seem to be in short supply sometimes.

Lesson #28

Tomorrow is Allen’s birthday! He’s been such a trooper diving into our French lessons this month, so tomorrow we’ll spend some more time celebrating him.

Lesson #27

Bonjour! We are a few days into our Tennessee French program and nous sommes fatigu├ęs!

Lesson #26

When I was in high school, I went through the Master Life Bible studies with my pastor and some other youth. As part of our study, we memorized Romans 12:1-2.

Lesson #25

Happy October first! This is a big month for our family – we are relocating from Oregon to Tennessee next week and things are a little bit stressful right now!

“Wing it Wednesday”

Welcome to “Wing It Wednesday!”