Category: Pre-Field Stories

A Lesson on Faith

We had intended to start sharing the details of our site visit today, but our struggle with jet lag is real. Throw in me working, Allen’s finals, and three young kids, and we are a wreck. But wait! We want to share a brief…

The Last 24 Hours

If you missed our posts on Facebook and Instagram yesterday, we want to fill you in on the day’s (unexpected) happenings.

2019 Board Report Highlights

Earlier this spring, the ABWE Board of Directors gathered for their annual meeting. While at the ABWE Headquarters in Harrisburg, PA, they heard from ABWE’s President, Paul Davis, members of the Senior Leadership Team, and the Global Operations Team.

That Time I Told Allen I Was Going to Live in Africa Forever.

Quick note before today’s post: Allen, Ruth, and Clara are all sick (maybe allergies?) and even little Hudson is coughing. Please pray they are well again soon, especially before our site visit. And pray that I stay healthy. Thank you!

How Getting Locked Out of a Place is Maybe a Good Thing

One of my favorite stories to tell is how Allen and I met. And for whatever reason, today is the day to share that story!

Raising Third Culture Kids

Lately I’ve been thinking about what Ruth, Clara, and Hudson will experience in their normal childhood… and how their normal will be vastly different from other kids.

The Missionary Life Cycle

The other day (I don’t even remember where or when), I saw a link to an article called “The Missionary Life Cycle (In Five Stages)”.