Category: Pre-Field Stories

Our First Mission Trip Together (Aww…)

The first mission trip Allen and I ever took together was to Kodiak, Alaska in 2012, as co-leaders for our church’s annual youth mission trip. It did not go as planned. Like, at all.

Let Me Tell You a Story…

When we flew back from our site visit to Togo in May, Allen started feeling sick again about an hour before we headed to the airport. Dehydration again.

A Look Back

Maybe it’s because we traveled home on a Monday, but we have been confused about what day it is all week! Anyone else? No? Okay.

My Grandpa

I have thought a lot about my grandpa’s legacy this week.

Top 7 Blessings of Life on Pre-Field

Last week, we shared our Top 5 Challenges of Life on Pre-Field… but that isn’t even half the story. For every challenge, there is at least one blessing. So here’s our list of the Top 7 Blessings of Life on Pre-Field… in no particular…

Top 5 Challenges of Life on Pre-Field

We’ve been on pre-field for a little over a year now. And what were realizing is that this phase of life has some unique challenges in it. We want to give you a glimpse of what those are… and the “pros” that accompany them.

Happy Birthday, Clara Mae!

Two years ago today, I was in the shortest labor of my life. After just 23 hours of back labor and 5 minutes of pushing, our sweet second daughter joined our family.