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April 2021 PDV Report

A few weeks ago, we shared that we were not going to be posting regularly on Thursdays so that we could focus more on school. However, at the end of each month we would be give a month-long overview of how school went for… Continue Reading “April 2021 PDV Report”

Thursday Update

About this time last year, we used a self-reflection tool as part of our Field Prep Seminar training with ABWE to evaluate our current levels of stress.

Good Friday

On Sunday, our Pastor shared from Matthew 26 about the Lord’s Supper. It was such a sweet reminder that Jesus points us forward, from the doorposts in Egypt to the cross at Golgotha, from the slain lamb to the Spotless Lamb, from death and… Continue Reading “Good Friday”

Looking Back: Part 7

Today’s our last “Looking Back” post… because it pretty much catches us up to where we are now. Today’s post is all about how God allowed us to start language school last fall and then really pick it up this January.

Happy Friday!

Hey friends! We have had an interesting week full of French class, running, work (for Melissa’s small business), loose teeth (yay, Ruth!), and rain… lots of rain.

Looking Back: Part 6

When we look back at spring 2020, it feels like a million little pieces fell into place in the blink of an eye. We’ve already shared about getting and packing our shipping container, but that was just one small piece of the puzzle.

Looking Back: Part 5

On Tuesday morning, we had a chance to talk briefly with the newest ABWE missionaries about our time on prefield and what God taught us during that time. He has taught us so many things over the last three years, including patience, perseverance, and… Continue Reading “Looking Back: Part 5”

MK Stories: March 2021

It isn’t often we post on Mondays… which means you KNOW today must be pretty special.

Looking Back: Part 4

We’re spending a few weeks reflecting on what God has done in our journey to Togo, as we celebrate our three-year anniversary of being appointed this month!

Looking Back: Part 3

We’ve already spent some time reflecting on our initial calling and appointment to Togo and reaching 50% of our financial support. What’s the next milestone? For our family, it was our site visit.