Category: Pre-Field Stories

Happy Birthday, Allen!

Today is Allen’s birthday and we’re spending all weekend celebrating him because, “This is the way.”

Three Things

In lieu of a Friday Favorites this week, we’re sharing some fun things about each person in our little family!

MK Stories: Oct. 2021

Every month, Allen helps the kids share a little bit about what their lives are like as Missionary Kids (MKs).

Quarantine Stories

Happy Friday! We are halfway through our quarantine here in Quebec, and boy do we have our new share of stories.

Tuesday Talk: 3 August 2021

This is it: Day one of our next adventure.

July Ministry Update

Howdy, partners! Since it’s the last Thursday of the month, we’d usually be posting a language school or ministry update. However…

Happy 4th Birthday, Clara!

Four years ago today, in a hospital in Alaska, my shortest labor ended (after “only” 23 hours) and our second daughter was born.

June 2021 PDV Report

It’s the last Thursday of June, which means one thing in these neck of the woods: it’s time for our monthly language school report!

May 2021 PDV Report

Last month, we switched to once-a-month reports of how our French schooling is going. This is the biggest ministry outside of our family right now, and we are excited to report on our progress this month!

April 2021 PDV Report

A few weeks ago, we shared that we were not going to be posting regularly on Thursdays so that we could focus more on school. However, at the end of each month we would be give a month-long overview of how school went for… Continue Reading “April 2021 PDV Report”