Category: Pre-Field Stories

Thank You x 100!

The last few days have been filled with awe, praise, random bits of laughter, and lots of excitement…

Beach Trip Recap!

The last two and a half years have been full of meetings, assignments, packing, changes, and feelings of, “Wow, God! What next?”

Happy Birthday, Clara!

Our Clara Mae is THREE today!!

You Know God is Preparing You for West Africa When…

Since we arrived in Oregon in early June, we’ve said to each other at least every other day, “Well, [this situation] is just preparing for us for Togo!” So we wanted to share some examples of that from this last week…

A Day in the Life

Now that we are settled in Oregon temporarily, we wanted to show you what an average day looks like. Spoiler alert: it’s A LOT different from our life in Alaska.

Road Trip Recap

Usually when we recap a vacation or road trip, the posts include lots of fun activities and memories. But usually, vacations and road trips don’t take place in a pandemic.

Next Steps

In case you missed our Instagram and Facebook posts over the weekend, we have officially moved to western Oregon! So… now what?

Get to Know Melissa (Part 2)

Lately on Thursday’s we have been sharing lessons for kids from the book of Romans. But this week, we blinked and ran out of time to write the next study. So instead, we’re pulling this post from our “Drafts” folder and sharing it today.… Continue Reading “Get to Know Melissa (Part 2)”

What We’ve Been Priming

I saw this tweet online the other day and laughed. A lot. And then I showed it to Allen.

FPS Training Review

We just wrapped up 9 days of Field Prep Seminar, so we want to recap that time here. We really value the training ABWE offers their missionaries and love seeing everyone at their headquarters in PA. But since travel wasn’t possible this time around,… Continue Reading “FPS Training Review”