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Tuesday Talk

Like everyone, our plans have been affected by COVID-19 and like everyone, we are trying to figure out how things will look for our family in the next one, three, and six months.

Tuesday Talk

We’ve been in Oregon for about two weeks now. And when you move somewhere new with just a few totes and suitcases, it’s easy to settle in pretty quickly.

Tuesday Talk

We are (more or less) settled in Oregon and onto the next phase of prefield ministry!

Last Tuesday in AK

After meeting, falling in love, getting married, having children, buying a house, serving in our local church, earning degrees, and being called to career missions in Togo, West Africa, Allen and I are now facing our last week in Alaska.

Tuesday Talk

Our family went on a final Alaskan adventure this weekend to see some lovely friends, Sam and Dianna… and it was just what our tired family needed.

Tuesday Talk: Go Time

We are nearing the end of our time in Alaska. We shared a brief video update on our YouTube channel about next steps and some needs you can be praying for.

Tuesday Talk

Every time I have a work meeting (via Zoom, because #pandemic), I mention, “I have ### weeks left.” That number is quickly decreasing, and it is with mixed emotions that we say…


Well, it’s official and it’s so bittersweet: our house is for sale.

Tuesday Talk: Our Kids

We’ve noticed more and more how all of these changes (in our family right now) and stressors (in the world as a whole) are affecting our kids.

Tuesday Talk

We have about two more months in Alaska… and about a million things to do in that time frame. During last week’s training, another missionary said, “We have so much to do, but because of COVID-19, literally all we can do is sit at…