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Tuesday Talk: 18 May 2021

Yesterday was a hard French day. Concepts that should have been easy enough were too much of a challenge. Pronunciations we’ve previously mastered were twisted up in our mouths. And vocabulary words we learned eons ago were just… gone.

Tuesday Talk: 11 May 2021

Our weekend was swamped. From sleepovers with friends to road trips to trying to do all the things at home, we didn’t really start this week off on the right foot.

Semester 2 Kick Off!

Bonjour, nos amis! Today is the first day of our second semester at Parole de Vie…

Tuesday Talk: 20 april 2021

We feel like brand new people, y’all.

Tuesday Talk: 13 April 2021

If you missed our posts on Facebook or Instagram over the weekend, you’ll be surprised to hear that this week, we have a three-year-old kiddo stomping around our house in a walking boot while we pray that the growth plate in her foot will… Continue Reading “Tuesday Talk: 13 April 2021”

Tuesday Talk: Spring is Here!

Spring is in full swing here in Tennessee. Flowers are blooming, the trees and grass are bright green, and pollen is in the air.

Tuesday Talk: 30 March 2021

Did we ever tell the story about when we first arrived at our rental house here in Tennessee?

Tuesday Talk: 23 March 2021

When my parents were visiting last week, we had an opportunity to show them what our life here is really like. And spoiler alert: it’a boring.

Tuesday Talk: 16 March 2021

There was a 100% chance of rain yesterday… and it rained just enough to wet the sidewalks and erase our chalk art from last week.

Tuesday Talk: 9 March 2021

The high today is supposed to be 70* and I just want us to pause to enjoy that fact for a minute.