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Tuesday Talk: 9-22-2020

I’m writing this post at 3:00am. After Hudson woke up (twice) and went back to bed (twice), I remembered we hadn’t written this yet. So here I am, in the dark, fingers frantically flying across my phone’s keyboard so that I can (hopefully) get… Continue Reading “Tuesday Talk: 9-22-2020”

Tuesday Talk: 9-15-2020

It Tuesday and the 15th of the month, so you know what that means…

Tuesday Talk: Exodus 14

I’m going to just share my heart in this post, so if you’re really not into that, feel free to skip this one. It isn’t exactly light-hearted.

Tuesday Talk: 9-1-2020

We had some technical difficulties last night…

Tuesday Talk: 8-25-2020

The smoke from fires in California has rolled in and blanketed Eastern Oregon (and I’m sure much of the PNW) with a thick, gray overlay.

Tuesday Talk: 8-18-2020

Autumn is starting to descend in the high desert of eastern Oregon. Cool weather (85* instead of 95*) and rain in the distance mean that the leaves on the hillside are slowly turning red and the desert flowers are dying.

Tuesday Talk: 8-11-2020

I think we’ve mentioned this before, but our girls have outstanding imaginations. They’re always pretending to be someone else or playing robust games with their toys.

Tuesday Talk: 8-4-2020

Happy August! In Alaska, we would be welcoming rainy weather and preparing for the start of school…

Tuesday Talk: 7-28-2020

Instead of flying to ABWE headquarters in PA for some training last weekend, we traveled to Grants Pass instead. It was the one year anniversary of my grandpa going to be with the Lord and we wanted to support my grandma however we could.

Tuesday Talk: 7-21-2020

Clara received some birthday money last week, so when we went to town yesterday, we let her pick out a present. You’ll never guess what she wanted.