Category: Praises & Prayer Request

Tuesday Talk: Return to Work Edition

We survived my return to work!

Tuesday Talk: The Last 8 Weeks

Happy Tuesday! I return to work tomorrow (sad), so today we really want to reflect on the last eight weeks that I’ve been home. We’ve been through a battle (in more ways than one) and come out victorious in Christ!

Tuesday Talk: Unspoken and Urgent

Hi friends, We are generally pretty open and honest here, but we have a situation going on that is quite personal and needs prayer. Please pray for this unspoken request that is heavy on our hearts.

Tuesday Talk

Yesterday, I was driving Hudson to his chiropractor appointment, and randomly decided to practice my French. In the car. Out loud. Hudson probably thought I was crazy.

Tuesday Talk: Site Visit News

It’s a new week, friends, and we have several inches of fresh snow, exciting news about our upcoming site visit to Togo, and new praises and prayer requests to kick it off!

Tuesday Talk: Life.

Just when we thought things were looking up…

Tuesday Talk: He’s Here!

Hudson, sickness, mom-guilt, and more.