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Tuesday Talk

Today marks day two of our Field Prep Seminar (FPS)! This is our last ABWE training and we are excited to be participating in an online format for the first time ever.

Tuesday Talk.

I’ve tried to start this post several times now and just don’t know where to go with it. On top of the current medical situation going on worldwide and the “new normal” we are navigating, we are continuing to walk forward in obedience to…


All. The. Things. Does anyone else feel like all the things are happening and everything is weird?

Just a Little Tuesday Chat…

We are about three weeks out from leaving for our last ABWE training! Surreal. But boy, we have lots to do in the next three weeks…

Crunch Time!

Okay, friends. We are in crunch time – and we don’t mean crunching chips. Lots of things happening this month!

Tuesday Talk

When Allen and I got married in 2014, we wanted our wedding to feel cozy… like we had invited 100+ of our dearest friends over for dinner.

New Praises & Prayer Requests

Hey friends! While January was a million years long, February had been passing in a flash. And it’s only Tuesday, but we have already seen God moving this week.

Tuesday Talk

The last 48 hours have been so good! We have seen God working in really cool ways and we’re excited to share that with you!

Tuesday Talk: All. The. Things.

I feel like this week we have so many little praises and prayer requests. We can so clearly see the Lord working right now. It is humbling and exciting and scary and all the things.

Happy Tuesday!

It’s our sweet Hudson’s birthday week! He will be one on Saturday (the 25th) and we are excited to celebrate him all week long. But let’s be honest – a child’s first birthday is more a celebration of the parents surviving the year than…