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Tuesday Talk: 23 Feb. 2021

Before we start, if you want to listen to what I’m listening to as I type this, click here. Every night before bed, we read a Psalm with the kids in French and in English; this week, we’re on Psalm 65 and it is… Continue Reading “Tuesday Talk: 23 Feb. 2021”

Tuesday talk: 9 feb. 2021

Bonjour, nos amis! Mondays are long and tiring, so we’re happy it’s Tuesday. Grab some coffee or tea and let’s chat a little bit.

January 2021 Newsletter

We sent out our January 2021 newsletter yesterday!

Tuesday Talk: 2-26-2021

I filled out some forms for our kids’ new pediatrician yesterday and wrote the date in French. I’m not sure what that says about me, but at least I’m learning new things in my language classes, right?!

Tuesday Talk: 19 Jan. 2021

The last song we sang in church on Sunday was exactly what we needed to hear, so we wanted to start this post by sharing it with you. It is beautiful and challenging and lovely.

Tuesday Talk: 12-29-2020

It’s the last Tuesday of 2020! It was nice for us to take a mini-break last week over Christmas, and now we are eagerly anticipating what the next year holds!

Tuesday Talk: 15 Dec. 2020

It’s another travel day… a long travel day. From arriving at the airport here in Alabama to leaving the airport in Oregon, it’ll be about 17 hours of travel time. With three kids. And have I mentioned I broke my toe the other day?

Tuesday Talk: 12-8-2020

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who texted, called, messaged, commented, and sent videos for Ruth’s birthday last Friday! We celebrated her all weekend and she loved every second.

Tuesday Talk: Happy December!

It’s a new month and it’s a big month for our family! But we’ll get to that in a minute. First up…

Tuesday Talk: 11-24-2020

Today is the last day of our French crash course! In the last 6 and a half weeks, we’ve studied (or plowed) our way through three semesters of college-level French. Phew.