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Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday, friends! There are only six more Tuesdays for Christmas! That has nothing to do with the rest of today’s post, I just thought it was a fun fact.

Happy Tuesday!

No snow. Lots of fog. Green grass. 30* weather. What. Is. This?! How can it be November in Alaska?! I mean, I’m not complaining. It’s just odd.

Tuesday Talk

Our week started a little bit odd: I’m pretty sure I broke my toe over the weekend, our refrigerator went out,And I came down with some kind of cold. But it’s Tuesday! That means we have new praises and prayer requests to share with…

Tuesday Talk: Oct. 22

Waking up in a King-sized, memory-foam topped mattress on Saturday morning in a quiet cabin in Palmer, with memories of laughter and self-defense and heart conversations dancing in my head, I couldn’t help but feel so so thankful.

Tuesday Talk: Confessions

Last week was tough. There was no “Big Thing” that happened, but we had lots of little things happen… things that complicated our plans and forced us to regroup throughout the week. It’s nice to be on this side of things, having made it…

Happy Tuesday!

Last week, we shared a quick timeline update (click here if you missed it). And this week, we want to share a little more about that so you can be praying with us for God’s ultimate timing and will.

Tuesday Talk: A Timeline Update

Hey friends! We have snow in the forecast for later this week. What?!