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Tuesday Talk

We came back from Togo last week and hit the ground running. From Allen’s finals to my quick return to work and from Hudson two new teeth to the girls’ patterns shifting, we are all just… adjusting.

Tuesday Talk

We are home from our Togo site visit and feeling thankful, exhausted, and excited.

Tuesday Talk (from West Africa)

The last few days have been filled with hot weather, torrential downpours, cold showers, and Hudson being passed from stranger to stranger in churches and villages. Click on for some pictures!

Tuesday Talk: Togo Bound!

Hi friends! Hard to believe, but tomorrow, Allen, Hudson, and I board the first of three flights to take us to Togo for our site visit!

Tuesday Talk

In addition to being a content curator (ha) for this blog, I work full-time as a Business Systems Analyst for the best school district in Alaska… which means, I love data.

Tuesday Talk: 2 Weeks!

In two weeks (and one day), we will be heading to Togo via Seattle and Paris!

Tuesday Talk: Trees and Passports

Over the last summer and winter, we lost 6 big, beautiful spruce trees in our yard to the beetles. It was so sad, especially since one of the trees was part if our hammock set up! (Click on to see baby Ruth in a…