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Tuesday Talk: 11-17-2020

There’s frost on the ground this morning here in Tennessee, so our listening to Christmas music finally feels justified!

Tuesday Talk: 10 November 2020

On Sunday, as we were checking kids into their classes at church, I told Allen, “I recognize that lady who checked in our family…”

Tuesday Talk: 11-3-2020

It’s Election Day! If you’re able to and haven’t yet, vote! I have a Bible study journal I use every morning and this was the verse at the top of today’s page:

Tuesday Talk: 10-27-2020

We drove over a bridge every morning on our way to class. And every morning, we get there right as the sun is clearing the horizon. It’s beautiful, especially when the clouds look all moody and sullen.

Tuesday Talk: 20 October 2020

I’m happy to report that as of Friday, we could officially navigate to and from our language classes without using the maps on our iPhones!

Tuesday Talk: 10-13-2020

I’m taking a quick break from French homework to write this post – I have about three hours of assignments ahead of me still, so this may be short!

Tuesday Talk: 10-6-2020

We are coming in this morning from the Dallas airport with three exhausted kiddos who had a TIME getting off the airplane here after a four-hour nap. We are thankful for gracious flight attendants!

Tuesday Talk: 9-29-2020

The countdown is on, and we’ll be flying out of Oregon in less than a week!

Tuesday Talk: 9-22-2020

I’m writing this post at 3:00am. After Hudson woke up (twice) and went back to bed (twice), I remembered we hadn’t written this yet. So here I am, in the dark, fingers frantically flying across my phone’s keyboard so that I can (hopefully) get… Continue Reading “Tuesday Talk: 9-22-2020”

Tuesday Talk: 9-15-2020

It Tuesday and the 15th of the month, so you know what that means…