Category: Praises & Prayer Request

Tuesday Talk: 18 Oct. 2021

We are hyping ourselves up for something scary, y’all.

Tuesday Talk: 12 October 2021

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada, so to celebrate, here are five things we’re thankful for, plus a couple prayer requests.

Tuesday Talk: 5 October 2021

I’m in shock that it’s October. Seriously. Anyone else?!

Tuesday Talk: 28 Sept. 2021

How is it the last week of September?! We’ve been here in Sherbrooke nearly eight weeks and have loved seeing the city slowly change to fall colors before our eyes.

Tuesday Talk: 21 Sept. 2021

Fall is officially here in Sherbrooke, QC! The leaves are changing and it is chilly in the morning during coffee porch time.

Tuesday Talk: 14 September 2021

Did you know that Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area? It’s massive, really.

Tuesday Talk: 31 August 2021

This is a big week here at Parole de Vie: classes start again for all students and staff!

Tuesday Talk: 24 August 2021

Maybe it’s just all the stress of the last 3 weeks finally coming to a head, but I cried last night when my grilled cheese sandwich fell onto the floor and smooshed apart, cheese-side down.

Tuesday Talk: 17 August 2021

Our hearts are so saddened by what is going on in Afghanistan right now. I keep thinking of the mamas who are trying hard to protect their kids and have no options right now to do so.

Tuesday Talk: 10 August 2021

In case you missed it, we made it to Canada!