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Evala Wrestling

Sports say a lot about what a culture values, don’t they? From watching international soccer on a big screen TV to cheering on local gymnastics meets, people around the world value the physical finesse and skill needed to engage in these intense activities.

Orphan Ministry: Update

The thing God used to draw our family to Togo was orphan ministry. We are so excited to engage in discipleship and church planting, but our hearts are for children and, specifically, orphans. Let me explain…

Togo in the News: Growing Rice

Rice is a key crop in Togo (well, in most of West Africa). So when innovations and projects help increase rice output, it is a big deal. Though focusing on Liberia as well, this article explains more!

West African Music

If you’ve ever spent time in our home, you’ve surely noticed our living room walls. One is covered with photos and art… and the other is covered with instruments.


About 50% of people in Togo adhere to animist beliefs. Animism, though not really an “organized” religion, is one of the oldest belief systems known to man. And, in fact, people all over the world practice animism.

Togo in the News: Solar Power

My parents live on a large ranch in the Pacific Northwest. They have acres of land, requiring acres of fences be maintained. At night, the stars above their log home are brilliantly bright, unmasked by light pollution.

Grocery Shopping Kara, Togo

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that one of our teammates, Joan,sent us some photos of the grocery store in Kara. We thought today would be a good day to share those photos!

Vision Casting: Recap

Happy Thursday! We’ve had a lot of new partners and followers since we originally posted what our ministries in Togo will look like, and we wanted to revisit that information for anyone just joining us!

“Is Togo Safe?”: Part III

We’re still asked pretty regularly, “Is Togo safe?” In order to respond to this common inquiry, we’ve talked about situational awareness in Togo and what kinds of (dangerous) animals live there. Today, we want to tackle a third aspect of safety:

“Is Togo Safe?”: Part II

When we wrote our original “Is Togo Safe?” post, we didn’t even address what will likely be the most pressing threats to our health and safety!