Category: Life in Togo

The Last 24 Hours

If you missed our posts on Facebook and Instagram yesterday, we want to fill you in on the day’s (unexpected) happenings.

Togo Fast Facts

We get asked a lot of questions about Togo – size, population, major exports, etc. So to answer some of those questions, we put together this little treasure!

Population of Africa: Mapped

I saw this article on Bing the other day and thought it was interesting…

Raising Third Culture Kids

Lately I’ve been thinking about what Ruth, Clara, and Hudson will experience in their normal childhood… and how their normal will be vastly different from other kids.

Teachers Needed!

ABWE’s Togo South Team is in need of an elementary school teacher willing to move to Togo to teach a group of Missionary Kids!

Bible Institute: Class is in Session!

This week, we received some pictures from our teammate, Joan, of a class being held this week at the Bible Institute!

Akpéma Ceremonies

When our family moves to Togo, we will serve among the Kabiye people. In November, we shared about part of their culture – Evala wrestling, or the initiation of young men into adulthood. Today, we want to share some about the female initiation, called…

Togo in the News: Fighting Cholera

Cholera is a bacterial infection spread through food and water that is contaminated due to poor sanitation: not washing hands after using the restroom, food growing in water infected with fecal matter, etc. However, cholera can be controlled through proper water and sewage treatment…

Togo in the News: Protests & Elections

We’ve talked quite a bit this year about how safe Togo is (or isn’t – I’m looking at you, snakes!). But today (December 20) is Togo’s parliamentary election day and things have been a little unsettled in the country lately…

Tis the Season… for Harmattan?!

While most of us have enjoyed a fresh swath of snow over the last week or so, those who are living and serving in West Africa are (more or less) welcoming the season of Harmattan.