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One of our favorite things about prefield and partnership development is the opportunity to connect people with what God is doing in West Africa. God is doing great things in that part of the world and we’d love to highlight a few of those…

Africa in the News: Malaria Vaccines

Village of Light: Kitchen Rebuild

During our site visit, we had a chance to visit the Village of Light School for the Blind in Togo. Two ABWE missionaries (Rory and Kristy Moore) facilitate this ministry, which provides blind children and adults with an education and job training.

Togo South Team: Nursing Graduation

When we were appointed by ABWE last March, we knew we would be joining an existing team, not going rogue as new missionaries in a foreign land. During our site visit, the Togo South Team welcomed us with open arms and we are excited…

Site Visit Q&A

I know we wrapped up our site visit posts last week, but we wanted to address some questions we are frequently asked about our trip.

Site Visit: Part 4

Today, we are sharing the last part of our site visit.

Site Visit: Part 3

We’re on Part 3 of our site visit recap!

Site Visit: Part 2

We ended Part 1 of our site visit sharing about me falling asleep during dinner, Facetiming with our girls, and finally getting to sleep… We pick up Part 2 the next morning!

Site Visit: Part 1

To say our site visit to Togo was a whirlwind would be an understatement. During our 9 nights/10 days in country, we drove up and back down almost the whole length of the beautiful country.

A Lesson on Faith

We had intended to start sharing the details of our site visit today, but our struggle with jet lag is real. Throw in me working, Allen’s finals, and three young kids, and we are a wreck. But wait! We want to share a brief…