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You Know God is Preparing You for West Africa When…

Since we arrived in Oregon in early June, we’ve said to each other at least every other day, “Well, [this situation] is just preparing for us for Togo!” So we wanted to share some examples of that from this last week…

Friday Faves & Life Update

As I thought about today’s post, the awkward and terrible question, “So what’s new?” kept running through my mind. Anytime I’m asked that, I have no clue how to respond. Anyone else?

Friday Favorites: One a Day

Moving always involves finding new places for your belongings, settling into new routines, finding a new coffee stand, and learning how to parent in a new setting. For us, it also involves continuing prefield development.

Road Trip Recap

Usually when we recap a vacation or road trip, the posts include lots of fun activities and memories. But usually, vacations and road trips don’t take place in a pandemic.


What a week, y’all. Everyday, we were running hither, thither, and yon trying to get packed. But now, we’re (almost) done.

Happy Friday!

What a whirlwind of a week! How is it already the weekend again?

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This is always a fun post to write because we get to look back over the week and reflect a little bit. It seems crazy, all the things we crammed into the last 7 days…

A Week in Pictures

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, we have seven pictures for you today – one from each day of the week! But first, some big news…

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, our kids wore their pajamas all day long. There is laundry piled on our couch. And we’re probably drinking too much coffee and not enough water.

Friday Favorites

Every night when we pray with our kids, we end up thanking God profusely for the grace and strength He showed us that day. Apart from Him in us, we’d be a mess.