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“Ruth! What was your favorite part of the week?” “French fries.”

Four Friday Favorites

Another week in the books and we are looking forward to what we hope will be a productive weekend. It’s been a weird week, so we’re limiting our favorites to just four things.

Friday Faves!

Friends! What a week! We had lots of BIG things happen this week (plus we shared all the things we’ve been Priming lately). Hold on tight!


Shipping containers, buying kids clothes and mattresses, a new partner and an existing partner increasing their support, time with friends, Legos, the start of a new semester… what a week!

This Week…

I had a moment this week. One of those, “Whoa, wait, what?!” moments where the reality of life hits and leaves you reeling.

A Week in Review

I don’t even know where to start with his week! I mean, wow. Acceptance to language school. New partners. Starting to sort out a shipping container. Plus all the normal life stuff like work projects, homework, raising kids, etc. Phew.

Friday Faves: Everyone’s Top 3

Is it just me or did this week seem a million years long?! I had my days mixed up all week… so when my coworker sent me this photo, I could 1000% relate:

Five Friday Favorites!

This was only a four-day work week for me, but golly, it felt a LOT longer than that! On Wednesday, I kept thinking it was already Friday… hard no on that one!

Friday Favorites

Allen told me this week, “I feel like all I’ve done is drive around!” Because of some minivan issues, he’s been driving me to work everyday, driving home, driving Ruth to preschool, driving home or to the store, driving to pick her up, driving…

Friday Faves

Happy first Friday in 2020! We missed last week’s Friday Favorites post – we were visiting my family in Oregon from Dec. 19-26. Then, we had our own little family Christmas on the 27th. We included some of our favorite pictures of both our…