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Friday Favorites

Allen told me this week, “I feel like all I’ve done is drive around!” Because of some minivan issues, he’s been driving me to work everyday, driving home, driving Ruth to preschool, driving home or to the store, driving to pick her up, driving…

Friday Faves

Happy first Friday in 2020! We missed last week’s Friday Favorites post – we were visiting my family in Oregon from Dec. 19-26. Then, we had our own little family Christmas on the 27th. We included some of our favorite pictures of both our…

Friday Favorites

Remember when we were kids and Christmas was such a magical time? The lights, the colors, the surprises… everything felt special and fun. That was the Christmas-y week we had!

Friday Favorites

Okay. We have a quick list of a million favorites (give or take) from the week, plus some exciting news at the end! Read on, friends!


What a fun week in the Batts’ house… mainly because of Ruth’s birthday! We shared our top 5 things from the week down below, starting with the youngest member of our family. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Friday? More like Fri-Yay! Remember how we shared earlier this week that we had snow?! Well, thanks to lots of wind and 40* weather, we no longer have lots of snow. But we do have some other favorites from the week, so read on!

Friday Favorites

We debated for a while last night about how we wanted to do this post. Should we do a long list of short things like last week? The top five from the week? Each of our favorites?

Friday Favorites: Top Fifteen

Top 15?! Holy Toledo. I don’t know why I picked FIFTEEN, other than it starts with an “F” and I liked the alliteration. Hold onto your hats, friends, because even though it’s 15 favorite things from the week, it’s a quick list.

Friday Faves – November!

It’s the end of another week and the start of another month… and we have a whole slew of random favorites to share. Buckle up, friends, and let’s get started!

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, friends! This doesn’t happen very often, but we posted every single day this week: about, our recent prefield thoughts , Allen’s birthday , my calling to missions, and now this…phew.