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Friday: Rain, Legos, and Big News!

On Tuesday, we shared that we have some exciting news… and we’ll get to that. But first, some other favorites from the week!

Friday Favorites: What a Full Week!

Partnership meetings, work, homework, preschool, time with friends… such a full week (literally and figuratively).

Weekly Recap

Friends, rain, reading… and homework. What a week!

Five-ish Faves on a Friday

We’re sharing our top five (give or take) from the week! Fair photos, time with friends, fishing… phew.

Friday Faves

What a week, friends! Back yard obstacle courses, dressing like Barbie, having Hudson dedicated at church, glitter explosions… have we got stories to tell!

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! Lots of fun pictures up ahead that highlight a fun late-summer week in Alaska.

Four Faves

Happy Friday! I’m home from work today to help out with the kids while Allen finishes his final papers, exams, and assignments. But we’re always here on Fridays to share some of our favorites with you!