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Friday Favorites:

Our driveway is almost clear of snow, it’s been in the 40s, and there are even tulips blooming. The promise of spring is on the horizon and I am so. happy.

Friday Favorites: Everyone Has A Fave

It was a big week in the Batts House: I returned to work and Allen was on his own with all three kids all day. Between my 5:30 alarm clock (after nursing half the night) and Allen changing countless poopy diapers, me returning to…

Friday Favorites: Life Lately

First of all, we want to thank everyone for praying earlier this week. From Monday night through Tuesday morning, we had a rather big and scary situation going on. God heard our prayers and everything turned out so well. We are thankful and blessed….

Friday Favorites: Signs of Spring

Happy Friday! We can’t believe it’s already March 1st. When Hudson turned one month old this week (on Monday) we breathed a sigh of relief: we made it through that first crazy month! We have some more favorites for you, including a picture of…

Friday Favorites:

It’s almost the weekend! We. Are. Ready. I woke up Thursday with a 101* + fever, a headache, and mastitis. I’m on another round of antibiotics, but praise the Lord I can still nurse Hudson. That diagnosis wasn’t at all a favorite from the…

Friday Favorites: So So Blessed.

Though we didn’t plan to, I think we posted every day this week! You probably should not expect that trend to continue (we do have three kids ages 3 and under, after all), but it was fun while it lasted.

Friday Favorites: Encouragement

Friday! We made it. This week, we were greatly encouraged while holding our hands open to the Lord, waiting expectantly.