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Friday Favorites: 5 March 2021

Happy Friday! We were on our mid-term break this week, so we had a little more free time than usual (yay!) and this week was super fun.

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We are finally on the upswing after nearly two weeks of being sick. Today’s post will be short and sweet…

Happy Friday!!

We spent all week in our pajamas, trying to make it through French classes, making sure our kids ate something, and sanitizing everything.

Friday Favorites

Yesterday, Clara was pouring herself some lemonade from a pitcher when the whole thing just fell over. We are still aren’t sure if she spilled it, or the pitcher just tipped, or what happened. But nonetheless, there was sticky, sweet lemonade all over the… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites”

Happy Friday!

Today we’re sharing five favorites from the last week. Be warned: we didn’t take a lot of pictures this week, but it was definitely a week for friends! In no particular order, here we go!

Friday Favorites: Day by Day

Friday already?! We blinked and this week was over. So here are our favorites, day by day.

Friday Faves: Christmas Parties and Traveling

The last week has been so full! As we sat down to write this post, we were surprised at all we did. We’ll take it day by day this week.

Friday Faves

This week, we faced another big move, a trip to the ER, and wrapped up our French classes. We’ll just take things day by day because a lot happened!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today marks our last official week of language classes here in TN (but we have two bonus days next week) and we are excited for the weekend!


We spent the week finding a rhythm and diving into French studies. Want to see what the looks like?