Christ is Risen, Indeed!

Happy Easter, friends! We celebrate a Risen King and Savior.



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Friday Favorites

Hey, hey, Friday! We want to share some highlights from our week… some are big, some are not-so-big… but they are all our favorites!

Prayer Card

We have started handing out prayer cards and they have opened the door for some great conversations. We ordered 1,000 cards, so if anyone wants more, let us know! Read More


When we visited Togo in January, we made a quick stop at the market in Kpalimé. It was Sunday, so most stalls were closed. In fact, we were told that only the Muslim vendors were open; apparently, Christian vendors take Sunday off. The market was large and winding with stalls down multiple side streets and crowded all together.

Togo 1
Riding in the Car in Togo

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Tuesday Talk!

Every Tuesday, we want to give an update about how God is working, how you can be praying for us, and how He is leading us. Sometimes, this may be just a list of different praises and prayer requests… other times, this may be just one story of how we see God’s hand in our lives. Read More


I had a few spare minutes before leaving for work this morning, so I pulled out THIS daily devotional and read today’s entry.  And it was all about FAITH.

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Prayers of the Saints

Today I’ve had so many people share that they are praying for us – our E.D. (Ron) and his wife (Ann), my boss at work and his family, my mama… we are thankful for all those who lift us up before the Father. We know that God answers prayers and I can’t wait to see how He answers even these.

Reckless vs. Right

We returned home early the morning of the 13th from NMO. It feels good weird to be home. We feel like we’re in this odd place, where we don’t quite fit here in Alaska anymore, but we also don’t quite fit anywhere else either. “This World is not my Home”, so I guess that’s to be expected! Hebrews 13:14 comes to mind – “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” Read More

Be Thou My Vision

My favorite hymn is “Be Thou My Vision” – it played at our wedding, in fact, while we lit our unity candle and read scripture together.

Allen and I have been gathering our questions to ask ABWE, making copies of important documents, filling out surveys, brainstorming possible supporters, and, and, and. In times like this, when we’re fixing to make a huge life change, I must remember to allow God to be my vision. Read More


Allen and I lead a College & Career Bible study at our church. We all committed to reading through the Bible this year. Truth be told, I’m a little behind… but I was reading in Leviticus today and in it, God is giving instructions to how the priests are to behave. He says, “I am God who makes them holy.”

He makes us holy. Not what we do, not our accomplishments or our last names. But God. HE makes us holy.

Following Him to the Hard Place

We leave this weekend for New Missionary Orientation. It seems to have come upon us out of nowhere: we are suddenly face to face with an empty suitcase and a full itinerary.

We still haven’t packed a single thing.

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