Tuesday Talk!

On Sunday afternoon, Ruth fell and hit her head pretty hard on our linoleum floors. She fussed then quickly fell asleep for her normal mid-afternoon nap. But when she woke up 45 minutes later, she had a very large bump on her head and couldn’t stop crying. We decided to take her to Urgent Care, just to make sure she was okay… and on the way there, she began throwing up. At Urgent Care, they told us to take her right to the ER, so we headed there are quickly as we could.

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Weekend Update – We Are Blessed.

Happy Monday! What a weekend. The one thought that comes to mind this morning is this:

Image result for we are blessedThis weekend was, more or less, pretty standard for us, but I can’t help but think about how God’s hand is working in our lives, in everything that happens. He is so faithful. Read More

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!

Our plans this weekend include Bible study tonight, new family photos tomorrow morning, Costco run… So to kick it off, here are some of our favorites from this week:

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Vision Casting: Part 1

By now, a lot of our friends and family know that we are actively engaged in preparing to move to Kara, Togo, West Africa long-term. But some people may not be aware of our vision, or what we want to do when we get there. So for the next few weeks, I want to cast our vision before you with the hopes of helping you understand what we’re doing and why. Our work in Togo will be three-fold:

Each week, we’ll focus on one of these aspects before painting a picture of how they’ll work together and guide our work and time abroad. So, first up: Read More

Tuesday Talk!

Happy Tuesday, friends! We had our first two formal presentations this last weekend and – praise God – they both went well! Thank you so much to those who prayed specifically for the WOM Celebration on Friday and the Church Council meeting on Sunday. We are so thankful for the partners the Lord has given us already. I have a brief story from Friday and some updated praises and prayer requests at the end of this post, so read on!

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Out of Order?

God doesn’t always do things in what we think should be the correct order.

Take, for example, when God led the people into the Promised Land: They crossed the Jordan miraculously, set up camp, and then God ordered the men to be circumcised.

The Israelites are in the Promised Land, in the company of people who do not want them there, who are afraid of what these Holy People have up their sleeves. And God, in essence, warrants them incapable of defending themselves. What would have happened if the people in Jericho decided to attack while Israel was healing? What if the people of Jericho had decided to ransack the Israelite campground, taking their women and children captive?

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Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! This has been a crazy week… and the weekend doesn’t seem to be any different. We are so thankful for this time in our lives because it is requiring us to increase our dependence on God to see us through it all. Read More

Border Crossing

In last week’s Friday Favorites, I briefly mentioned our story about border crossing, so I thought today would be a good time to tell it!

Crossing the border from Ghana into Togo is like a step back in time. You pull up to the border station: it’s an old building with a covered porch, two windows through which you work with a crossing agent, a large front room, and a curtain blocking the back room’s doorway. You pull out Passports and get copies of paperwork to fill out. After the paperwork is complete, you hand it over to the crossing agent. Read More


At yesterday’s Kingdom Come Training, Allen shared a story about teaching AWANAs one night. Years ago, he had a night where everything went wrong: a fight broke out during game time between four boys, he couldn’t get through the lesson, no one was listening… it was awful. He went home, wondering if he should even keep going, if it was even worth it. After some encouragement and wise counsel, he returned to AWANAs the following week… and three of the four boys surrendered their lives to Christ.

Sometimes, after really hard days, really good days come. 

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Tuesday Talk!

It’s Tuesday! Here are some updated praises and prayer requests:


  • We started Kingdom Come Training online yesterday and one of our favorite friends from NMO is in our class as well! We’re so excited to hang out with Patrick online for the next 3 weeks.
  • Monthly, we have to report our evangelism and discipleship efforts to ABWE. We filled out our March reports and I thought, “It’s happening! We’re really making progress!”
  • We have been able to share with people at church, work, school, and even the grocery store about God’s work in our lives. We are thankful!

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