At yesterday’s Kingdom Come Training, Allen shared a story about teaching AWANAs one night. Years ago, he had a night where everything went wrong: a fight broke out during game time between four boys, he couldn’t get through the lesson, no one was listening… it was awful. He went home, wondering if he should even keep going, if it was even worth it. After some encouragement and wise counsel, he returned to AWANAs the following week… and three of the four boys surrendered their lives to Christ.

Sometimes, after really hard days, really good days come. 

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Tuesday Talk!

It’s Tuesday! Here are some updated praises and prayer requests:


  • We started Kingdom Come Training online yesterday and one of our favorite friends from NMO is in our class as well! We’re so excited to hang out with Patrick online for the next 3 weeks.
  • Monthly, we have to report our evangelism and discipleship efforts to ABWE. We filled out our March reports and I thought, “It’s happening! We’re really making progress!”
  • We have been able to share with people at church, work, school, and even the grocery store about God’s work in our lives. We are thankful!

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Christ is Risen, Indeed!

Happy Easter, friends! We celebrate a Risen King and Savior.



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Friday Favorites

Hey, hey, Friday! We want to share some highlights from our week… some are big, some are not-so-big… but they are all our favorites!

Prayer Card

We have started handing out prayer cards and they have opened the door for some great conversations. We ordered 1,000 cards, so if anyone wants more, let us know! Read More


When we visited Togo in January, we made a quick stop at the market in Kpalimé. It was Sunday, so most stalls were closed. In fact, we were told that only the Muslim vendors were open; apparently, Christian vendors take Sunday off. The market was large and winding with stalls down multiple side streets and crowded all together.

Togo 1
Riding in the Car in Togo

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Tuesday Talk!

Every Tuesday, we want to give an update about how God is working, how you can be praying for us, and how He is leading us. Sometimes, this may be just a list of different praises and prayer requests… other times, this may be just one story of how we see God’s hand in our lives. Read More


I had a few spare minutes before leaving for work this morning, so I pulled out THIS daily devotional and read today’s entry.  And it was all about FAITH.

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