Melissa’s Birthday!

Today we celebrate Melissa’s birthday!

(Guest Author: Allen Batts)

Melissa is passionate for the Lord, loves her family and friends, and exudes the joy of Christ to those around her.

Melissa is a strong and faithful woman. When she knows God is leading her to do something, she jumps in with both feet.

She is selfless and loyal. More often than not, she is spending herself for others – be it to God, our kiddos, family, or friends, shes there.

She is adventurous. Though times have become busy as we begin to transition out of Alaska, Melissa enjoys a good adventure: Hiking, trying new things, moving to West Africa… she’s in.

Melissa also loves coffee! Whenever she needs a time to reset or get away for a moment, coffee is usually involved.

She is a blessing and a light wherever she is.

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This is always a fun post to write because we get to look back over the week and reflect a little bit. It seems crazy, all the things we crammed into the last 7 days…

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Lesson #9

We are trucking through the book of Romans in our children’s lessons. This is a weekly post we started over two months ago to help meet our own need of simple Sunday School lessons to teach our kids during a time of shelter-in-place. Hopefully they’ve been helpful for some of you, too!

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Tuesday Talk

Our family went on a final Alaskan adventure this weekend to see some lovely friends, Sam and Dianna… and it was just what our tired family needed.

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A Week in Pictures

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Lesson #8

Sunday is a big day for our family – it’s our commissioning service at our sending church!

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Tuesday Talk: Go Time

We are nearing the end of our time in Alaska. We shared a brief video update on our YouTube channel about next steps and some needs you can be praying for.

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Happy Friday!

Yesterday, our kids wore their pajamas all day long. There is laundry piled on our couch. And we’re probably drinking too much coffee and not enough water.

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Lesson #7

We are seven weeks into our kids’ Sunday School Lessons! Hopefully you’ve been following along as we wrapped up Ephesians, did an Easter lesson, and am now looking into the book of Romans.

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Tuesday Talk

Every time I have a work meeting (via Zoom, because #pandemic), I mention, “I have ### weeks left.” That number is quickly decreasing, and it is with mixed emotions that we say…

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