Unknown Igor

We got a home phone. Did we mention that? It’s red and old fashioned and has a cord and is just fun. It sits on a little side table in our living room, next to our white glider that I nursed and rocked Hudson in for months waaaaay back when we lived in Alaska.

We’ve had our phone for about three months now. We’ve received calls about package deliveries and appliance repair people, sure, but the most common telephone call we get is for someone named Igor.

We don’t know Igor and it’s with great disappointment that we have to inform the people calling that Igor « n’habite pas ici. » I assume they make a note about it, but the next week, it’s the same story: another call for Unknown Igor and another explanation that he doesn’t live here.

In their minds, Unknown Igor is not where he should be: the other end of the telephone number. In our minds, he is exactly where he should be: not in our apartment.

Here’s the thing: we all have places we’re supposed to be and things we’re supposed to be doing, even if no one else knows it yet. Maybe your role right now is to serve in your home church in teaching or preaching. Maybe your role is working from home while you raise your children to fear the Lord. Maybe your role is to work faithfully and be a light at the job God has given you. Whatever it is, be there and make sure people know why you’re there: to glorify God.

We’re so thankful to be here in Québec, doing what God has put before us to do. We’re going to share a few more details about that in our next newsletter; if you aren’t signed up for it, send us a message and we’ll add you.

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