Thank You

Ruth started a special new art class at school and had her first day of French class yesterday… and loved both. Clara looks eagerly for her friends every morning and, despite still not eating lunch or snacks, really enjoys being at school. Your (and our!) prayers are being answered.

We just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks for praying for our family, and especially for our kids as they’ve walked through the last few weeks of transition. We’re settling into a rhythm and each afternoon pickup is more and more upbeat.

There are a few new prayer needs we have. We’d be honored if you’d join us in praying for…

Morning Drop-Offs are still a challenge sometimes. Despite having friends in their classes and knowing the morning expectations, the girls are still hesitant and fearful at school. Pray for peace and courage during the morning drop-off times.

Guidance for me and Allen as we seek to serve the community here well. There are ample opportunities so pray that we’ll know the best things to do, not just what we could do.

Thanks for praying, friends. We are thankful.

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