Life Update & Prayer Requests

Pollen counts here in Québec are finally on the decline, after being about 1.5x higher than usual for several weeks. We’ve felt that through congestion, sneezing, sore throats, and lots of sinus pressure, so we’re very thankful for the reprieve this week!

Other than that, here’s a quick life update on our family and a prayer request for each person:

Hudson loves being home without sisters everyday, but come nighttime, when the three kids go to sleep in the same room, he talks nonstop until the girls fall asleep and we go in to tell him to be quiet, please! Pray that Allen and I will be intentional in our time with him during this new season.

Clara told me yesterday, “I’m excited for school today!” and it made my heart so thankful. She’s not eating any of her snacks or lunch during the day at school though, and we aren’t sure if its nerves or something else. Pray that she will eat her food! It’s a silly thing to pray for, but I know she’d feel so much better if she ate something.

Ruth has been walking into school every morning with a new friend from her class. It’s so fun seeing her light up when she sees a friend and confidently walk with them into the building. Pray that she will make (and BE!) a good friend with a kind heart.

Allen and I are staying busy in lots of different ways: Allen recently made a 10-minute video for our team leaders to highlight their ministry. I started a French class at a local community center last week. We host weekly prayer time in our apartment and are enjoying being in a discipleship training group. This weekend, the ABWE Canada president, John Taylor, and his wife are coming to Québec. We’re excited to visit with them and share some of what God is doing here. Also, Allen is helping with worship next Sunday. Pray for President Taylor’s visit and for wisdom as Allen and I find ways to use our gifts here.

Thanks for praying, friends. Your prayers and encouragement are a balm to us!

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