Water Bottle Stickers

I love water bottle stickers. My coffee travel mug, my Nalgene, my guitar case… all are covered in stickers that I’ve collected from travels, companies, or that simply brought my joy. They’ve been gifted, found, purchased, or received as a “bonus,” and I’m slowly (but proudly) getting our kids excited about stickers, too.

Before school started, we let the kids each pick out a big new plain water bottle for school. We put some stickers on them that we had on hand, but I wanted to find a special sticker for each of our kids as a fun surprise. This shop on Etsy has the cutest stickers: I ordered the horse for Ruth and the rainbow butterfly for Clara. We got them in the mail earlier this week so after school, I snagged the girls’ water bottles while they loaded into the Jeep and added them right away. They were so surprised and loved them! (Also, the stickers are really good quality and came packaged so nice from the vendor.)

Oh, and don’t worry, Hudson got a bear sticker from this shop.

Let me tell you, it has been rough getting the girls used to school drop-off and the level of what we consider a “successful” drop-off changes every single day. Sometimes success is walking into school alone with no tears and sometimes success is the girls changing into their school shoes semi-independently while I stand next to their coatrack inside the building. We pray with the girls every morning before they go into the school and regularly throughout the day. We talk about how Jesus is with them, how He goes before them into their classroom, how He calls us to be Good Samaritan friends who love the people around us. And it’s still hard. Because sometimes things are just hard.

But even in the midst of hard and uncomfortable growth, there are moments of joy and excitement in our home (and Jeep). Thanks for praying for us this week, friends. We need them and we feel them.

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