And so it Begins.

Happy Labor Day yesterday! All of our long weekend plans were thrown out the window when the ragweed and pollen count here in Quebec exploded, along with some of our allergies. So we spent the weekend doing puzzles, wearing pajamas, watching movies, watching church online, battling pollen pollen, and reconnecting as a family.

While it was not what we expected after the girls first week of school, it was good nonetheless. Now, we are looking forward to another full week of school and the formal start of our ministries here in Québec: Prayer walking at the local university, discipleship training, more French classes, and weekly prayer meetings.

Here’s how you can be praying:

Ruth and Clara’s first week adjusting to school was rough. Pray for courage and peace in their hearts this week as we try to make the second week better than the first.

We are excited to formally start ministry this week, and want to make sure we are wise in the use of our time. Pray for God‘s guidance in how we serve and love others here.

Laval University

There is a university ministry here in Québec called Maison Impact. They serve students at Laval University and their ministry cycle starts this week as well. Pray for Lauren and Kendall and the rest of their team as they seek to serve students at Laval.

Pray for our teammates as well: Tim and Barb, Mark and Jill, and Tim and Richelle. Pray that God will use each of us in our sphere of influence.

Thanks for praying, friends. We are thankful for you and the encouraging role you play in our lives.

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