Week One of School

Week one of school is in the books. Here’s how it went for everyone in our family:

Ruth: Nervous to go in every morning. Tells us at the end of the day that she had a good day. Has made a few new friends, but can’t really communicate with them because of the language barrier. Nonetheless, they play together and eat lunch together. Starts formal French classes next week.

Clara: Really nervous to go in every morning. Mostly happy at the end of the day. Doesn’t eat lunch or snacks at school, so she’s ravenous when she gets home. Enjoys PE class and playing outside. Claims a boy hissed at her like a feral cat one day. Starts formal French classes next week.

Hudson: Not in school. Loves having mom and dad to himself all day. Doesn’t have to share the iPad or toys. Talks to his sisters for as long as he can after going to bed, until sisters fall asleep in the middle of his chats.

Allen: Made our August 2022 newsletter video this week and filmed a video for our team leaders, Tim and Barb. Did most of the driving to and from the kids’ school. Exhausted in the evenings. Found a box of LEGO knock-offs at a thrift store and has been building new creations with the kids before and after school.

Melissa: Chief lunch and snack packer. Wrote our August 2022 newsletter. Ensured uniforms were ready each evening for the next morning. Looked for a local knitting and crochet group to no avail, but successfully registered for French classes at a local community center.

We’re all looking forward to a three-day weekend. The kids are off until Tuesday (yay!) and we can’t wait to reconnect as a family this weekend. We hope you all have a great weekend, friends!

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