School Started!

When God started calling our family away from Togo and to something else, we made a list of things to pray over. The list included our spiritual gifts, ministry passions, talents, and other things we’d love to see included in our lives. One of those things was the opportunity to send our kids to a Christian school.

I didn’t feel pumped about home schooling, and we weren’t sure where God would lead us and if public school would be a good fit for us. So we just started praying about schooling opportunities. We were so surprised and thankful when we learned about a French Christian school here in Quebec. We enrolled our girls this spring and have been praying for this week since then!

And yesterday, Ruth and Clara started school. Ruth started in première année (first grade) and Clara in maternelle (kindergarten). The day was marked by mixed emotions: excitement and nerves; preparedness and fear.

At the end of the day, Ruth told us she didn’t want to leave school and made some new friends!

Clara told us, “I liked it, but I DO want to leave.”

Hudson (who isn’t going to school, but wanted a photo anyway) enjoyed being able to play the iPad uninterrupted and have mom and dad to himself.

As you think of our girls, pray that God will bless them abundantly this school year. Pray for their teachers to be understanding and patient. Pray for good friends. Pray for their French acquisition. And pray for Allen and I to guide them well as we all adjust to school life.

Happy school year!

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