Hudson Update

Hudson had a fever for three days. From Monday afternoon through Wednesday night, his low-grade fever hovered around 100*-101*.

Wednesday evening, I tried to get him an appointment at the sans rendez-vous clinic (which means “without appointment”; yes, remind me to share me thoughts about needing an appointment for the “without appointment” clinic. I’m sure you can deduce how I feel about it). But even though I was on the website at 6:00pm, when new appointments open up, we couldn’t get one. I decided to wait and see how he was doing Thursday morning and if necessary, I would take him to the ER.

But God is a faithful healer and Thursday morning, Hudson’s temperature was a glorious 98.6* and it stayed normal all day. Whatever little bug he had is still lingering in the form of some nasal congestion and sore throat. It spread to Ruth, too, who had a fever for about 24-hours and is also experiencing the congestion and sore throat. The rest of us are okay so far.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Hudson this week!

Because of those lingering sicknesses, our plans for the week went out the window. We spend most days snuggled up in the living room watching movies about pandas doing Kungfu, Viking kids taming dragons, and pups saving Adventure Bay from various nefarious foes. We were able to get some work done though, in the forms of writing letters to partners, submitting expense reports, planning some future video content, exploring some options for continuing our French acquisition, and praying praying praying about ministry opportunities.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Thanks for walking this journey with us and encouraging us along the way when we’re tired and under the weather.

Have a great weekend.

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