Some New Prayer Requests

After taking last week off from updating our website, here are some new prayer requests:

Hudson took a nap on the couch yesterday, which isn’t a very common occurrence these days, and when he woke up, he had spiked a fever. With a dose of Tylenol, some extra fluids, and a short bath, he seemed to feel a little bit better. He went to bed very early after skipping dinner. Please pray that Hudson feels better soon! Pray that the rest of us stay healthy, too.

We toured the local university over the weekend. The campus is beautiful and we enjoyed seeing all the opportunities that may be present to connect with international students. Right now, we’re prayerfully considering how that could look. Please pray that God will connect us with students who are hungry for the Gospel.

Our girls start school in T-2 weeks! August 29th, they’ll march into their French school (with much trepidation and many nerves, I’m sure). Please pray that God will give each of them a special friend or two to help ease this transition. Pray for their success in language learning, as all of it will be by immersion.

Speaking of prayer, we’re building a more intimate prayer team. If you’d like to be added to our prayer partners email list, please let us know through email or our “Contact” page. The requests we share there will be more ministry-related and/or personal in nature.

Have a great week, friends!

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