“Are you believers?”

We’ve shared before about the spiritual climate here in Québec and how closed people are to Truth. About 99% of people in Québec are unsaved and don’t believe the work Jesus did on the cross to forgive their sins.

The other day, Allen found a Bible at a local thrift store so we decided to buy it so we could have one on hand to give someone else. It was in great condition and the same translation that we use ourselves.

When we got to the cash register to pay, the clerk saw the Bible and asked, in French, “Are you believers?”

I paused for a split second, because that question can immediately close doors to conversation, then replied, “Yes, are you?”

Eagerly, she said, “Yes!”

I asked what church she attends and we talked about that for a while before we paid and left.

These kind of conversations are few and far between here. So pray for us. Pray for V, who works at the local thrift store, to be bold in her faith amongst her co-workers and the customers. Pray that we will see her again and be able to encourage her. And pray for opportunities for Gospel conversations and for boldness to speak out in those opportunities.

One thought on ““Are you believers?”

  1. Such an encouraging post! I love that God is working through your family in a place you weren’t even originally seeking to stay full time! It’s amazing to see how he guides and directs all of us and puts us right where we need to be. Praying for you guys!

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