Five Favorites

Hey hey! We’re sharing five of our favorite things from the week today!

Clara’s Birthday! From a low-key Kitty-themed party on Saturday to spending Sunday afternoon at the beach, we loved celebrating our 5 year old!

Rainy Walk. It rained several times this week, and one evening, Ruth asked if we could take a walk in the rain. I just finished reading the book There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, so we put on rain coats and went out. Ruth’s joy was contagious and we had the best time!

Chutes de la Chaudière. Tim and Barb invited us to a local waterfall for a picnic lunch and hike! After driving to the wrong parking lot (twice), we finally made it. After a nice lunch, we hiked across a suspension bridge, up and down stairs, and around to the falls. They were beautiful! We finished our time there with the best chocolate soft-serve ice creak I have ever had. Ever.

Clara Skateboarding. Yes, Clara did receive her oft-requested skateboard for her birthday. Seeing her riding it this week was a highlight. She did great and I’m excited to see how she pushes herself to grow and learn.

No More Diapers! We’d been putting off Hudson’s potty training until he was interested and we were done with our travels and moving. Hudson told us, “When my diapers are gone, I’ll go potty in the toilet.” Well, diapers ran out, and we bit the bullet this week. He’s had a few accidents at home, but we successfully left the house and went shopping with no diaper or pull-up and no accidents! We’re very excited to be out of the diaper stage, after 6.5 years.

That’s about it, friends. We hope you had a great week and are able to get together with God’s people on Sunday for worship. Let us live in community while we worship in Spirit and in Truth.

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