Thanks to everyone who reached out for Clara’s birthday on Sunday! After church, we spent the afternoon at the beach and ended the evening with chocolate raspberry cupcakes. It was such a fun day!

As we’ve reflected on where we are now and our plans for the future, here’s how you can be praying for us. Overall, pray for wisdom:

Wisdom with our kids. Ruth and Clara will start attending a French school in September. Both are pretty nervous about it. Hudson will be home with us until he’s old enough to go. Pray we’ll know how to prepare them well!

In the coming weeks, we will be visiting one of the major universities here, Laval University, and begin exploring ministry opportunities there. Pray for good connections with international students and others who need to know the love of Christ.

Pray for Maison Coram Deo (the church we are working with), that they will continue to grow and have a place to meet this fall and winter.

Those will probably be pretty standard requests from here on out. God is faithful to hear and answer.

We’re thankful for y’all!

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