Prayer Points: 12 July 2022

Allen and I have each started going on early morning walks. I leave around 5:45am and he leaves as soon as I get home. It’s been such a nice way to start our days and a good way to get some personal time.

Our routes change every day. Yesterday, I walked down to the river…

And today, it started raining during my walk in the woods near our apartment. I tried dodging rain drops and walking in the dry spots, but ended up soaked before I got home anyway!

Here is how you can be praying this week:

Our kids have been a little congested lately. I think all of us are adjusting to the flora in our new quartier and it has taken a toll. Hudson woke up, ate two bites of toast, and promptly fell asleep again. Pray for health and good rest.

We have several fun things lined up this week: helping a friend move, dinner with other families, Clara’s birthday on Sunday… pray for us to be a blessing and encouragement to others.

In theory, our fridge will be fixed on the 14th. Pray that actually happens! We’re so thankful for the mini fridge we’re borrowing from Kendall and Lauren, and for those who have offered fridge space and coolers. We went to a farmers market last weekend and I wanted to buy so much of the produce: it was fresh and so well priced! … but we had no where to put it all!

Pray for Maison Coram Deo, that God will grow and use this body of believers for His kingdom.

Thanks for walking through this adventure with us as we all follow Christ. We’re honored to have you with us.

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