The Fridge

Remember that time we moved to Québec, bought a fridge, and had to wait a week for it to be delivered? So for a full week, we lived out of one or two blue camping coolers. Well guess what? This week, that brand new fridge broke! Less than one month after moving into our apartment, the fridge stopped pulling cold air from the freezer. We are now currently 10 days out from our repair date and hoping that we can move that date up closer.

But last night, we had some Anglophone friends over to celebrate the Fourth of July. We mentioned that our fridge was broken, and one of the girls exclaimed that she had an extra mini fridge that we could borrow. So late last night, after a fun time of eating and chatting together, they brought the fridge over. It is plugged in and happily cooling in the corner of our dining room.

Living in community is such a blessing. To see how God takes bits and pieces from each one of our lives and combined them to be the perfect image of his grace is a beautiful thing. We love being part of the church “sharing all things and having all things in common.”

Here’s how you can be praying this week:

  • Pray were able to get our fridge fixed sooner rather than later. We were a little discouraged to have it break so soon, but that little disruption opened the door to a bigger blessing of relationship and community.
  • Continue to pray for our teammates who are traveling in the states right now.

Also, thank you to those who prayed with us about our Jeep! After too many trips to mechanics all across Quebec, it seems to finally be running like normal again.

Thank you for your continued prayers, friends!

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