Weekend Recap

Hey friends!

After a weekend full of sunshine and water, we’re finally on the mend!

After church at the park on Sunday (and a picnic afterwards), we stopped at the splash pad for an hour or so. The kids loved it and Allen and I loved being able to chat some.

We took the doors off the Jeep and it felt so good to drive like that in the 90° weather.

So far, we’re enjoying summer in Québec, if you can’t tell!

Prayer Requests:

  • Our teammates are all state-side right now. Pray for their safety and for a good time of rest and connection for them. They have quickly become so dear to us and we miss them already!
  • Pray that we will be able to intentionally connect well with people in our apartment, church, and community.
  • The language barrier is hard sometimes, so please pray that our communication will be effective and we will continue to grow in our French.

That’s about it, friends. Have a great week and let us know how we can pray for you.

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