Three Things

Here are three fun things from the week!

1. Our kids’ salvations!

In case you missed it, all three of our kiddos confessed Jesus Christ as their savior this week, asking Him to forgive their sins and live in their hearts.

Yesterday, Ruth sat next to me as I did my quiet time and wanted to journal her prayers and read her Bible, too. I started reading through the book of Ruth with her. We already see such a change in her life and praise God for that!

2. A visit to Old Québec.

We met ABWE friends, Ron and Ann, in Old Québec for dinner Wednesday night. They oversee ABWE ministries in Africa and are so dear to us, even though we are serving elsewhere. We had a great time together!

Old Québec is just so fun. You never know what shops, historical sites, or staircases will be around the next corner. And every time you look up, you can see Chateau Frontenac standing atop the hill.

As we pulled out of Old Québec to drive the 15 minutes home, I told Allen, « I’m just so thankful we live here. I love it. » God is so good.

PS – did you notice the Quebec license plate on the Jeep?! That was a big deal this week, too!

3. Feeling more settled.

Before we moved up here, Allen told me, « I can’t wait for June 5th. » He figured by that day, we’d be totally unpacked and settled. Ha. We aren’t, and it’s now nearly 2 weeks after that anticipated date.

However, we have pictures hung, about 50 empty plastic totes just sitting around, and plans for most of the « unhoused » goods.

Ruth asked last night, « When are we moving again? » and I wanted to just scream, « NEVER!!! » Instead, I calmly explained that we weren’t going to move for a long time, unless God tells us to.

That’s it, friends! Hope you have a great weekend together celebrating dads and worshiping our risen King.

2 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. Hi Tip of the spear Warriors!!
    Glad I looked at this site finally again. Keep forgetting and not sure how to get here from instagram which I like. Sure excited about your children. Most important mission for sure.

    All 3 of our kids decided on their own to get baptized but all 3 when we were not there. But we were very grateful To The Lord they did on their calling. Tell kids we will be praying for them and so excited for them

    Praying for YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

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