Fridges, WiFi, and the Woods

Thanks so much to everyone who prayed for and encouraged our family this week! Our apartment is starting to feel more and more like home and that’s helping all of us feel more settled.

Other good news:

We got our refrigerator this week! It’s a big improvement from the blue camping cooler and bags of ice we had been using for a week.

And we got Internet! No more tapping out of our daily .5GB data allotment on our phones and we’re able to respond to emails again. Win win!

We took a walk to the grocery store in our neighborhood. The kids asked for donuts as a snack, so we got some and they sat on the bench to eat them. Their faces were covered in chocolate!

We also took a walk in the woods near our apartment. It was drizzly but so beautiful and green. At one point, I told Allen, “I can’t believe we live in the middle of the city and this is right outside our door!” Québec is something else, y’all. We love it.

We had our first Sunday at Maison Coram Deo! The church meets in a park during the summer months. There was some rain in the forecast, but we all risked it anyway… but right at noon, just before the message wrapped up, it started raining! Soon we were all dashing for the trees to get a little bit of coverage while the kids huddled under blankets and tarps in their Sunday School group! Here’s a little video Allen made of the day:

Speaking of videos, we watched some of our older YouTube videos the other day. In one, we say, “We’re going to Quebec for language school! But don’t worry… we aren’t transferring there. We’re still heading to West Africa!” Out of the mouths of babes…

We are so thankful God worked in our hearts to call us to Québec. We’re so thankful for His patience and grace towards us. And we can just imagine how He must have laughed when we made that video last summer!

Have a great weekend, friends.

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