Today’s the Day!

A 20-foot UHaul is loaded and waiting for us outside with a full tank of gas. The Jeep is prepped and there are new movies on the iPad for the kids. Our apartment here in Sherbrooke is empty and clean, waiting for its next tenants. And we’re hitting the road early this morning (well, 9am) to make it to Québec City before lunchtime!

We have a really busy day today, signing apartment paperwork and verifying that tenant’s insurance is lined up. We’re also dropping off the Jeep for its inspection before we can get Québec license plates.

And then tomorrow, we move in!

Last night at bed time, I told the girls, “Tell me one thing you’re nervous for and two things you’re excited for about moving to Québec!”

Ruth said, “I’m nervous about making friends, and I’m excited about the pool [at our new apartment] and ice cream [at Chocolat Favoris].”

Clara said, “I’m nervous about the people, and I’m excited about ice cream and my new bed.”

And I told them, “I’m nervous about making friends, too… but I’m excited about Ms. Margot’s wedding and living in a new apartment!”

In the last two years (nearly to the date!) we’ve packed up all our belongings and moved at least some of them from Alaska to Oregon to Tennessee to Alabama to Oregon to Tennessee to Quebec. Plus, we’ve driven the rest of our things directly from Alaska to Quebec. It’s been a long process to get here, but we’re so thankful God has guided us every step of the way.

So when Ruth said the other night, “Mom, I hate moving!” I told her, “I do too, Ruthie… but I think we’ll live in this apartment until you’re 10.”

She asked me, “How many Tuesdays is that?” (We eat tacos every Tuesday, so she was really asking how many Taco Nights we would have at the new apartment.)

“At least 200,” I answered. “And 200 Pizza Fridays with Ms. Kendall, 200 Sundays at church, and 200 Saturday morning adventures.”

“Oh good,” she said, her tender heart comforted again.

If you think of us today and tomorrow, please pray. Pray for God’s favor and protection. Pray for wisdom for us as we step out in faith. And pray for peace for our kids’ hearts. Thanks, friends… we’ll post again later this week from our new apartment!

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