Pizza, Ping Pong, and Snails

Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! We had a great day together as a family, plus I was able to spend time with a few friends. It was fun, encouraging, and made me even more excited for the next year and how God will be moving and working in our lives.

This week, the birch pollen count was high, and Ruth and Hudson were feeling it. They stayed home from the garderie most of the week and ended up watching lots of movies. At one point, they asked for pizza movies, so Allen found some time lapse clips on YouTube of pizzas baking. The kids sat and watched for about 30 minutes and loved it – so random!

Allen took some photos for a ministry team here on campus. It was a beautiful evening, so he documented that, too. This campus really is beautiful and we’ll miss the sunsets and golden sun that floods the little valley below our apartment.

Mariette and I played some of our last few rounds of ping pong this week. We’ll do it again on Monday, but we finally remembered to take a picture together!

We had a really nice dinner with friends on campus this week, too – they even made me a birthday cake! It was fun chatting and laughing together about the French learning process, moving, kids… we’re so thankful for the community God has given us here.

The kids found some snails outside yesterday and watched them for about an hour. We learned they don’t really love raspberries or blueberries, but they did like crawling through the water droplets. #science

Its our last weekend in Sherbrooke before the big move… in addition to finalizing our packing and cleaning our apartment, we’re going to try and find a few more fun things to do. We’re looking forward to one more service at our church here, a handful of sunsets, and lots more conversations.

And we’re looking forward to the next steps of settling in Québec!

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