The Final Stretch

We’re in our final days at Parole de Vie! In one week, we load a UHaul (again) and move to Quebec City.

We’re packing boxes, cleaning, trying to use up the rest of our perishable groceries. But we’re also able to enjoy a few more sunsets from our back porch:

In other news…

Clara’s Kindergarten welcome day went well! We’re all really excited about the kids’ school for next year and are already praying that God will provide good friendships and deep French understanding for our kids.

Speaking of deep friendships, Ms. Eden has been such a blessing to our family this year. She serves in the garderie and our kids love her dearly. Eden planned a special tea party for our kids last Saturday and they had the best time with her.

While in Québec, we had lunch with Kendall! While it wasn’t Friday night pizza and a movie, it was Friday afternoon pizza and chatting! We’re looking forward to continuing our Friday night traditions with her!

After a busy weekend, Ruth woke up yesterday not feeling well. Her COVID test came back negative and she sneezed about 25 times in a row tonight while getting ready for bed, so we think it’s just allergies. But nonetheless, she’s been pretty miserable. Ruth rarely asks for snuggles these days, so I’m happy to take them when I can!

That’s all that’s going on, friends. We hope you have a great week!

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