We’re in Québec!

We drove up to Québec City yesterday afternoon to spend the night. It’s a quick trip – we’re heading back to Sherbrooke this afternoon – but it is so nice to be here for a little bit. We move up in just 11 sleeps!

We had dinner last night with Tim and Barbara, our dear team leaders. They’ve already been such a blessing and encouragement to us. Every time we leave their house, it’s with full hearts and full bellies!

Clara has a “Welcome to Kindergarten” day at the kids’ school today. She told me as she was going to be a little bit shy with her teacher and a lot shy with the other kids… so we’ll see how it goes! It’s a French school, so the girls will be completely immersed in the language. They know some French, but I think we’re going to look for a French tutor for them for the summer, to make sure they feel comfortable asking questions and getting help.

After the “Welcome to Kindergarten” day, we’re going to lunch with Kendall, our adopted family member from Parole de Vie, who is now living in the city. Kendall came to our apartment every Friday night for pizza and a movie, so I’m thinking we need to find a local pizza place for lunch together…

Other than that, it’s been a busy week of importing our Jeep (yay!), getting yummy ice cream in Coaticook, packing, playing outside (rain and shine), going for walks in the woods (and maybe getting lost), and celebrating May birthdays with language school mamas.

Oh, and if you missed it yesterday, Allen and the kids made a new MK News Story. Watch it here!

Have a great weekend, friends. We’re thankful for you all!

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