May Thoughts

The other day, while leaving the grocery store in the rain and before loading bags into the Jeep, an old man noticed our Alaska license plate (which will soon be replaced with a Quebec plate). With a wide smile, he said, “Bienvenue au Québec!” Welcome to Quebec!

I didn’t have the heart to tell him we’ve already been here for nine months, the longest we’ve lived anywhere since 2020. I simply matched his smile and said, “Merci beaucoup!” Thanks so much!

Fitting that that welcome comes as we prepare to really settle in Quebec. We’ve lived here for nine months, sure. But for nine months, we’ve been using borrowed items and sleeping on borrowed beds.

But in about two weeks, we’ll start unpacking our own personal affects in our own rented apartment in a new city.

Our move to our first long-term mission field isn’t very dramatic. There aren’t any airline tickets purchased, no suitcases we are weighing and counting, no “last meals” before we fly to another continent.

Instead, we’ll quietly pick up a UHaul in a couple weeks and load it from the cabin where our goods are stored in the far corner of campus. And with a quick wave and a prayer, we’ll head “to the field.” It’ll be our 7th move in two years.

Here is how you can pray with us:

  • For wise use of our time. We always wanted to arrive well to our field assignment. We wanted to be rested and able to give of ourselves fully for the sake of the Gospel. Pray that we’ll make wise use of our time here so that we can leave well and arrive well.
  • For our kids. We will be visiting their soon-to-be-new school in Quebec later this week for Clara’s “Welcome to Kindergarten” day. Pray for peace in their hearts and minds as they adjust to another new home, a new school, and a new language.
  • For our health. Some illnesses have been spreading on campus and our seasonal allergies are kicking in. Pray for sustained health for our family!

Thanks, friends. We praise God for you and are so thankful for your support and encouragement in our lives.

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