We’re Home!!

After a super long day and night of travel Tuesday / Wednesday, we are home! We are not caught up on sleep (though our kids slept for about 13+ hours Wednesday night) and we are not unpacked (we aren’t motivated to do so since we’re moving in less than three weeks). But we’re home!!

The kids were great little travelers, like always, even with two separate 6-hour layovers.

We looked in every store at every airport, ate breakfast and dinner in different countries, accidentally had ice cream for lunch, and successfully got the kids their Visitor Records in Vancouver, which allow them to go to school here in Quebec. Praise God for His watch care over us!

We came home to groceries from friends in our cupboards and fridge and hot, sunny days outside. Praise God for the generous kindness shown to us!

Since being home, we’ve made progress on getting Quebec drivers licenses and registering the Jeep here. Pray those efforts go smoothly and quickly!

Here’s to a weekend full of rest and reconnecting with our church family here. We’re hoping to fill the next two weeks with sweet memories.

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