Batts’ Epic Trip – 2.2-2.7

Days 12-17

Alaska to Yukon to British Columbia to Alberta to Saskatchewan to Manitoba to Ontario to Quebec in less than a week.

We saw 77 bison (including babies!), one caribou, nine deer, two eagles, one fox, one lynx, eight moose, and 35 sheep.

We slept in the UHaul twice and four random hotels along the route.

We experienced rain, snow, dense fog (while crossing a mountain pass), wind, and sunshine.

We drove through thick mud in British Columbia and witnessed intense flooding in Manitoba, where whole fields were completely underwater.

We drank lots of coffee, ate lots of PBJ sandwiches, and rejoiced when we saw some old bananas for sale in Alberta at a gas station because it meant we could have some fruit!

We had many long days and many short nights, so when we pulled up to Parole de Vie last Saturday, it was with relief and complete exhaustion! We quickly unloaded the truck with help from friends, ate a quick dinner, and slept.

Thank you for your prayers. It’s only by the hand and grace of God that we made it across Canada with no vehicle trouble and no real issues. Praise be to God!

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