Batts’ Epic Trip – 1.10

Day 10

Today was all about our yard sale… and yet, I was so busy running around that I didn’t take any pictures. I’m pretty sure Allen didn’t sit down between 7:00am and 9:30pm, except to get in the car and hang up signs.

So instead, above is a picture of what we did after the yard sale ended: we said goodbye to our beloved shipping container and finished loading our things into the UHaul.

Locking up the shipping container for the last time was tougher than we expected. For over two years, it was really kind of a visible sign of our calling to Africa. It held all of our personal belongings and the items we bought specifically to use in Togo. It occupied space in our yard (and in Dean and Courtney’s yard). It was referred to often when we said, “Man, I wish we had xyz… it’s in our shipping container!”

Buying and loading up our shipping container was an important step in preparing for Africa… and likewise, emptying and selling the shipping container was an important step in preparing for Quebec.

One of our partnering churches (Anchorage Cross and Anchor Church) in Alaska bought the container. Before Allen locked it up tonight, we prayed over the container, that God would use it to bless them and that it would be a visible reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Because that’s one thing that’s really stood out lately: God is faithful.

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