Weekly Recap

If you missed it last night, we’re starting a new series of posts for the next few weeks to recap our Batts’ Epic Trip – 2022. They’re short and sweet and will include just one picture to sum up the day. Last night’s post is available here.

This week was full.

I accidentally ordered “sin” flavored drinks from Tim Hortons rather than “peach” flavored drinks, due to the similarity between the words in French (péché vs. pêche). But as someone pointed out, at least it wasn’t “fish” flavored (pêcher means to fish).

Ruth had some special one-on-one time with her dear friend Ms. Eden…

and Ruth finished her kindergarten math curriculum and lamented to me, “I’m so MAD that we’re done with math!” She’s our little math genius.

We gave out some Easter gifts to language school students: mini-Easter poppers for the kids, Easter LEGO kids for the guys, and small trinket dishes for the ladies.

We played outside in the rain.

We packed for this trip and for our move to Québec in June.

We took a field trip to a Cabane à Sucre (sugar cabin) where we had some fresh maple syrup lollipops.

And then we traveled a bunch and now we’re in Alaska! Phew.

This weekend, we’re hoping to catch up on sleep in between Easter activities, sorting our container, and reuniting with our College & Career group.

Have a great weekend, friends, and if you’re in Alaska, we’d love to see you in the next week or so!

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