Batts’ Epic Trip – 1.1

Day 1

We woke up at 3:15am, made half a pot of coffee, read our Bibles, and got ready to go. We woke up kids at about 3:45am, loaded them into the car, and by 4:05am, we were on our way to Montreal, thanks to our friend Rolen.

And then for the next 13 hours, we were shuffling between security checkpoints, airline gates, seats on the plane, time zones, and languages with our kids. Allen and I shuffled for another 14 hours without kids, waiting on a long layover and then flying up to Alaska. As of the time of this writing, we still haven’t made it. We’re currently waiting at the Portland, OR airport for another three hours or so.

But this photo just about perfectly sums up our day:

Excitement. Anticipation. Fatigue. And lots of airplanes.

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