It’s Travel Time!

We shared some April prayer points last week, but this week’s are a little more specific.

Thursday morning, at 4am EST, we’re leaving Parole de Vie to head to the airport. It’ll be a long day of traveling to the West Coast of the USA with young kids. Then Allen and I will head up to Alaska on our own to tackle our shipping container and prepare our things to move. So here’s how you can pray for the next three days:

  1. TODAY: Pray for peace and wisdom. Our kids are excited to see Mimi and Papa in Oregon, but also a little anxious about being away from us and their friends here in Sherbrooke. Pray for peace in their hearts and minds… and in mine! Pray for wisdom for me and Allen as we navigate parenting them from afar for a couple weeks, coupled with sorting our belongings in Alaska.
  2. WEDNESDAY: Pray for negative COVID tests. All five of us have to test negative for Covid on Wednesday in order to fly into the USA. Pray that all the tests come back negative. This is a particularly big request because all of our kids have colds again!
  3. THURSDAY: Pray for on-time and drama-free flights. Some Alaska Air flights have been cancelled, and that’s how we are flying up to Alaska. Pray for all of our flights to go smoothly with the kids and to stay on-schedule. Pray that our luggage makes it with us to our destinations and that the customs process goes smoothly.

People keep asking how they can help and really, prayer is the number one thing we need. We know that for this to all come together, God will have to be the One doing it! So thank you for praying, friends!

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