Some Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We’re off on a little field trip today with the language school students at Parole de Vie to a Cabane à Sucre (a sugar cabin, where they harvest and make maple syrup), but first, here are five favorites from our week:

  1. Family ice cream date.

After our failed coffee date last weekend, we tried again with an ice cream date last Saturday… and it was a success! We went to a popular ice cream shop, ordered five dipped cones in French, and even got to enjoy them sitting inside at a table!

2. Beautiful sunsets.

One thing we’ll miss from living here on campus is the beautiful sunsets we witness nightly from our balcony. I don’t know how many times our evening activities have been interrupted or paused to watch what God is painting and take a picture!

3. Playing outside.

It reached the 50*s this week and we were all so delighted to play outside in the sunshine for a few hours! Splashing in mud puddles, floating flowers in makeshift streams, finding the last piles of snow… our kids flooded their boots while the vitamin D flooded our bodies!

4. Morning dates.

In an effort to get some things checked off our to-do lists, Allen and I went on lots of “dates” around town that included, to name a few, repairing the screen on our iPad, opening a bank account, adding Allen to the bank account (which was a whole ‘nother deal), dropping off outgrown kids’ clothes at the thrift store, grocery shopping, finalizing our taxes, and buying stamps. Very exciting, isn’t it?! Funny that to us, right now, any time we’re away from campus together without kids, we consider it a date!

5. Happy playing kids.

Our kids don’t always play together well, but because we’ve moved so much lately, they really are each other’s closest friends. We found them playing together one morning before the garderie and it was just so sweet and peaceful.

We’re looking at a weekend full of… nothing! We have no set plans except packing for next week’s trip, cleaning our apartment before we go, and church Sunday morning. Hooray!!

We hope you have a great weekend. If you’re in Alaska and looking for a church to visit on Palm Sunday, we’d love to recommend some of the churches we love dearly. You can find a list of them here.

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