Why Québec? An Example

Last week, we shared a little bit about why Québec needs missionaries. Today, we have an example that highlights that need really clearly.

On Tuesday, we had to run a few errands. And in the course of doing that, we walked past a restaurant here in town. It’s called “OMG Resto” and its branding/mascot is a demon.

The kicker? The restaurant is located in an old Catholic church. And their website proclaims:

Situated in the former Ste-Thérèse church, OMG has been transformed into a veritable ‘temple’ for Sherbrooke’s epicureans. Its festive surroundings seduce even the most sensible souls, urging them to listen to that persistent interior voice, tempting them to experience something extraordinary! … Heavenly… but with a distinctly devilish undertone.

A former church, where God’s name was once lifted high, is now a self-proclaimed temple for people devoted to sensual enjoyment, urging them to listen to their own desires to please self rather than seeking to please God.

Pray for the people of Quebec. Pray that God will invade and break down love of self. Pray that love of God will again flood the homes and public places of this community, that God may be made known.

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