Ways to Pray this Week

Between preparations to officially move to Québec, ministries on campus, homeschooling, and life, there’s a lot happening…

First off, here are some praises from the past week:

  • Over the last couple weeks, our family has been battling a bad cold (not CV). We are all feeling better now!
  • We have an apartment lined up to move into June 1st in Québec City!
  • God gave us wisdom in figuring out the shipment of our things from Alaska to Québec! It does not involve a moving company, but does involve a cross-continent road trip in a large U-Haul. We’ll let you fill in the missing details yourselves.
  • Kids are learning and retaining more French! We have a game we play where I say, for example, “Trouvez un canapé!” and the kids have to remember what “un canapé” is (it’s a couch) and run to it as fast as they can. They’re getting better and better at deciphering the new words we throw at them!

Here are some ways you can be praying for us:

  • Today is technically our “day off,” but today has quickly turned into a full work day, on top of the personal things we need to accomplish. Pray for grace to navigate all that is required of us.
  • Tonight we will be join our first Québec team meeting via Zoom! Pray for good connections (both Internet and relational) and that everyone would be encouraged and of one mind.
  • Wednesday, aside from the regular ministries we lead, we are getting some last minute things done so we can fly to Alaska next month and move our things here. It’ll be a very busy and exhausting day, so pray for strength, good health, and wisdom.
  • Thursday is another full day of tutoring, helping students with their French learning, and editing French salvation testimonies before reconnecting with a church in Alaska. Pray for endurance and that we’ll be an encouragement to the students. Many of them are feeling mounting pressures as the semester begins to end.
  • Friday is our final Soup & Study on campus. Next week, the language school has a field trip, then we’ll be out of town until the semester ends. Pray for words to speak, that students are challenged and encouraged, and for a smooth hand-off of the campus Bible study ministry to our friends and co-workers, Rolen and Sarah.
  • One more thing: in order to finish our Canadian taxes, Allen had to apply for a social insurance number (SIN). We’re waiting for it to arrive. Please pray that it comes quickly so that we can wrap up our taxes before heading to States.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and encouragement, friends!

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