Weekly Highlights

We bought six boxes of tissues last Saturday. And we’ve already gone through three of them. Some virus (not Covid – we tested three times) came through our house starting last week and has left us all feeling congested and tired with sore throats and occasional coughing fits.

On Thursday, our kids finally returned to the garderie for the first time in over a week and they were very happy to be with their friend Ms. Eden once more. They each begged for a photo with her before we left:

While the kids were at the garderie yesterday, Allen and I went out for coffee with another couple to talk about our transition away from ministry at Parole de Vie and their transition into it. It was our first time in a sit-down coffee shop since we were in Alaska, probably. And it was so much fun! We’re hoping to take the kids out for a cocoa and coffee date this weekend.

The rest of the week is a blur of getting moving quotes, checking plane ticket prices, reviewing the list of items on our container, and whittling down what we’re keeping. I taught the Bible workshop classes on Wednesday and lead the ladies prayer time… and then came home utterly exhausted. Today, we’re continuing our Bible study through the Psalms of Ascent with the language school students. So I’ll be honest: we’re looking forward to a relaxing Friday night pizza and movie night at home because next month will be a whirlwind!

Have a great weekend, friends!

PS – Hi to Lincoln, Katie, and Anna! We love and miss you!

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