Prayer Requests: 22 March 2022

Tomorrow, we’re sharing a big post about our “next steps,” now that we’re officially staying in Quebec. But today, we’d like to share a couple prayer requests.

To those of you who pray for our family, thank you. Your ministry of prayer is such a blessing to us and would be missed greatly if it stopped. Countless times, we’ve been at a major decision point; just knowing others are praying for us helped us stay the course God has put us on. So thank you.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the last week, we’ve all been battling some kind of weird cold/flu/allergies mishmash. It isn’t C-19; Allen and I have each tested negative for that. But all of us are experiencing a lot of congestion, sore throats, fatigue, and coughing. Pray for quick and thorough healing.
Lots of naps and snuggles this week.
  • We are struggling with finding a shipping company who can move our household goods and personal belongings from Wasilla, AK to Québec City for us. Because that’s a never-used trucking route, we keep hitting brick walls with our request for quotes. Pray God will lead us to the right company who can do the move for the right price in the right timeline. It feels like way too big of a thing for us to handle, but I know it isn’t too big for God.
Driving through Sherbrooke
  • We have just over two months here at Parole de Vie before another (hopefully final!!) transition comes. We’ll be handing off some ministry work soon and starting to pack our belongings here. Pray for a smooth transition and ministry hand-off. And pray for Rolen and Sarah, who will be taking on a lot of what we do here.
Stuffing gifts in mailboxes.

Look for our “next steps” post tomorrow and you’ll see a few more things that need prayer, too. But that’s about it for today. We’re thankful for you.

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