Real Life Update

We are so thankful that we could share our life update with everyone this week! We’ve kept it under wraps since last September, when we started exploring again how God was leading our family. If you missed it, here’s the parent version and here’s the kid version.

But here’s the thing, in our family at least. Whenever we make a big decision or announce some big news, something else goes awry. This week was no exception.

Monday, we dropped the Jeep off to be looked at again. They found and repaired a few things, so hopefully we’re back in business there. But we didn’t get the Jeep back until Tuesday evening, which complicated things.

The other complication? Hudson got sick Monday and ended up being awake on and off all night long with a cough, congestion, etc. No fevers, praise God, but the little guy was miserable.

Tuesday, we had to borrow a car and a car seat to go grocery shopping and to our tax appointment, with Hudson in tow.

Tuesday afternoon, Ruth began complaining of a sore throat, and Clara started acting sick, too.

Wednesday, we kept the kids home from the garderie and cancelled most of our ministry obligations (including helping with the Bible Workshop, hosting prayer time in our apartment, and going to chapel; Allen still lead prayer time with the guys in the cafeteria).

Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday: ministry was either cancelled (pingpong and conversations with one of the French teachers) or moved online (tutoring sessions).

And today, we’re all still pretty under the weather. Sore throats. Congestion. Coughing. Could be a cold. Could be allergies. We’re laying low this weekend and hoping on Monday, we’re back to our normal routine.

So there you go. While things may look really exciting and fun as we change ministry plans and make cool videos, know that we’re in the midst of life just like everyone else.

It’s encouraging to remember while there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1.9), God still makes all things new (Revelation 21.5). He redeems and restores even the smallest of things, even the most mundane of colds.

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