Hello Quebec! – MK News

Quick prayer request before we get to the fun stuff: Out of nowhere last night, about 2 hours after we put him to bed, Hudson woke up coughing and with a really scratchy sounding throat. We have given him some medicine, but he struggled to sleep all night.

Thank you so much for your encouragement after yesterday’s post and the big news we shared! It’s so fun for us to finally let the cat out of the bag, after more than 6 months of praying and seeking God’s will for our lives. Thank you!

When we first started talking to our kids about staying here in Quebec and not moving to Togo, it was met with mixed reactions. But Sunday, Ruth told me, “I’m glad we’re staying here. There’s a lot more snow to play in.” Yes, very true.

Allen and the kids put together a new MK News video and the kids shared some of their thoughts about moving to Québec this summer… primarily, their excitement over the pool at our new apartment complex and the number of ice cream shops in the city.


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