Hello Quebec!

We often feel a tension about what to share here on our website and when. We want to be transparent about what is going on in our lives, but there are times we need to hold back just a little while we pray through different situations, seek God’s face, and just… wait.

Last fall was one of those times.

We were about to order our vehicle for Togo, when all of a sudden, we felt God putting the brakes on that very large (and expensive) purchase. So in September 2021, we began really digging into several questions, with the help of Lee and Violette, Togo Central Team leaders:

  • How has God gifted, equipped, and called us to ministry?
  • Where has He grown much and lasting fruit in past ministries?
  • What kind of ministries are we truly passionate about?
  • Where is the greatest need that God has shown us?
  • What are our next steps as we prayerfully consider God’s will, and does that actually include Togo?

We spent countless hours and weeks in prayer, reading our Bibles, seeking wise council from our sending Pastors, and discovering what opportunities are available in the French-speaking world. Our Coffee Porch Time became a sort of haven as we processed all these questions orally together.

As we did so, God began moving in our hearts: For so long, we (especially me, Melissa) had been determined to serve in Africa… but God taught us that it’s more important to serve Him with our gifts and passions wherever He leads us rather than just going where we want. Our hearts had been committed to Africa more than they were committed to serving faithfully.

In October 2021, we reached out to ABWE’s team in Quebec City and had the most amazing conversation with Tim and Barb, team leaders in Quebec. We visited Quebec in November 2021 to meet the team and learn more about the ministries and needs in the region. In December 2021, we were invited to join the team and the approval process for our transfer began. In January 2022, we began our year-long supervisory period with the Quebec City team. Our visit to the city in February 2022 was to secure an apartment, and just last week – in March 2022 – our transfer from Togo to Quebec was officially approved!

We’re so excited to announce that starting in June, we will be serving as career missionaries with EveryEthne, as part of ABWE Canada!

Our role is three-fold: church planting, international university student ministries, and intentional relationship building… all while we continue growing in our French.

For some, this is a shocker… but that’s okay. It was for us, too. But we can see how God has been moving behind the scenes and in our hearts over the last three years (and longer) to prepare us for this transition and future ministry.

We’re thankful for your encouragement and support over the last 6 months as we’ve walked through this massive change. Thank you for praying for us, even if you didn’t know the specifics going on in our lives.

And if you want to see another version of this story, here’s the video announcement we made:

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